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Offensive & defensive proc



The lifeleech proc applies a direct damage/direct heal effect where the user regains blood equal to the damage done to the opponent.


You must have less than full blood for lifeleech to proc. You can not leech blood from an opponent if you have not lost blood.

You can not use blood from the lifeleech proc to heal to more than your current maximum blood.

Damage and healing

The lifeleech proc will reduce the opponent's blood and increase your blood at the following rates, depending on the lifeleech proc's level:

Lifeleech at: Damage/Healing Time period
Level 1 5–8 per occurrence
Level 2 10–16 per occurrence
Level 3 15–24 per occurrence
Level 4 20–32 per occurrence
Level 5 25–40 per occurrence

Proc interactions

Healing effects from the lifeleech proc cannot be prevented by the necrosis proc.

Related procs and feats

The syphon blood proc is similar in effect to the lifeleech proc, but syphon blood can only be gained at the start of combat.

The empowered lifeleech feat is an enhanced version of the lifeleech proc.

Equipment and usage info

You may gain the lifeleech prroc in battle if you are using any of the following items:

Item Type Level req'd Lifeleech level
Arachnid robe Chest armor badLevel 103 3
Bloodsucker Talent bonus from the duelist talent tree Level 1–3
Bone mask Head armor aaiLevel 8 1
Chitinous sigil Accessory acbLevel 21 3
Cobra staff Weapon ahaLevel 70 3
Crimson helmet Head armor abjLevel 19 1
Grave scythe Weapon aafLevel 5 1
Hardened bone sword Weapon aajLevel 9 1
Icegloom Weapon baaLevel 100 4
Lance of the black knight Weapon ahiLevel 78 3
Lifestealer Weapon aajLevel 9 2
Mist steed Mount aabLevel 1 3
Netherwrath facemask Head armor afhLevel 57 2
Parasitic amethyst Gem aabLevel 1 1
Shadow totem Servant aeaLevel 40 5
Staff of the ice witch Weapon ajfLevel 95 4
Unholy trinity Weapon agaLevel 60 3
Vanquisher weapon Weapon aiaLevel 80 4
Veinslicer Weapon adaLevel 30 2
Vial of volatile nightmares Accessory aabLevel 1 3
Voodoo headdress Head armor baeLevel 104 3
Wand of eternal darkness Weapon aciLevel 28 2

Increasing the chance to gain lifeleech

If you have the following items in your setup you have an increased chance of gaining the lifeleech proc in battle:

Item Type Level req'd Increases chance by
Badmoon pendant Accessory abbLevel 11 3%



The following creatures may gain the lifeleech proc during a battle:

Portal creatures
Special-event creatures

Epic bosses

The following epic bosses may gain the lifeleech proc in battle:

Coven bosses

The lifeleech proc can be gained by any coven boss during any battle.


  • 1 June 2010: The lifeleech proc was included in the first release of Chronicles of Blood.

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