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Inscriptions-Lifebound resolve.jpg
Lifebound resolve
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 1

     Cost: 5 ghost ink



Lifebound resolve is an inscription that can be used to inscribe a piece of head armor.


You can use a lifebound resolve inscription as soon as you have acquired it from the thaumaturge.

The lifebound resolve inscription is immediately added to the head armor you have equipped at the time you purchase the inscription.


The lifebound resolve inscription adds the following procs to your setup:



You can purchase a lifebound resolve inscription from the thaumaturge at Club noir.


The lifebound resolve inscription is part of the healing inscriptions set:

Inscription Equipment slot Cost Proc/Benefit
Inscriptions-Lifebound defiance.jpg    

Lifebound defiance

Boots 7 Ghost inks Ancient blood 1
Inscriptions-Lifebound doom.jpg    

Lifebound doom

Hand armor 6 Ghost inks Blood infusion 2
Inscriptions-Lifebound scorn.jpg    

Lifebound scorn

Chest armor 7 Ghost inks Heal 2
Inscriptions-Lifebound wrath.jpg    

Lifebound wrath

Weapon 6 Ghost inks Increases the ability to resist hostile procs by 3%


You cannot trade or give a lifebound resolve inscription to another player.


You cannot disenchant a lifebound resolve inscription.


  • 24 October 2011: The lifebound resolve inscription was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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