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You must be at least level 11 and have purchased the time travel portal from Coraline in Club noir. to be able to travel to the lair of the dragons.

Environmental proc

Procs-Healing flames.png     Healing flames periodically (over time) heals either the player or the player's opponent of 8–10 damage for each round after healing flames has been gained.

The proc jinx can tilt the balance as to which player receives the benefit of the healing flames proc.
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The creatures you will battle in the lair of the dragons are:

Creature Type Strength Health Rarity Damage type Loot drop possibilities
Dragon cultist Corrupted Level *1 Very common Physical damage
D.R.A.G.O.N. Techno Level *2 Common Ballistic damage
Thunderdragon Draconic Level *3 Uncommon Electric damage
Crystalwyrm Draconic Level *4 Scarce Ice damage
Mist dragon Draconic Level *6 Scarce Mystic damage
Zombie dragon Undead Level *7 Very rare Shadow damage
Space wyvern Xeno Level *8 Epic Psychic damage
Majestic dragon Draconic Level *0 Legendary Fire damage

These creatures adapt to the level of the vampire fighting them. Replace the * preceding the level number with the highest level ending in the final number that you can battle in.

In addition, these creatures are each slightly stronger than their level number would suggest. Don't be surprised when they are more aggressive than a normal creature of the same level might be.

Strength levels

The strength level of each creature in  ? varies based on your own level in the game.

Your vampire's level Creatures' variable levels Creatures' actual levels
Vamp levels 1–10 x1–x10 1–10
Vamp levels 11–20 x1–x10 11–20
Vamp levels 21–30 x1–x10 21–30
Vamp levels 31–40 x1–x10 31–40
Vamp levels 41–50 x1–x10 41–50
Vamp levels 51–60 x1–x10 51–60
Vamp levels 61–70 x1–x10 61–70
Vamp levels 71–80 x1–x10 71–80
Vamp levels 81–90 x1–x10 81–90
Vamp levels 91–100 x1–x10 91–100
Vamp levels 101–110 x1–x10 101–110
Vamp levels 111–120 x1–x10 111–120
Vamp levels 121–130 x1–x10 121–130
Vamp levels 131–140 x1–x10 131–140
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The old warrior has quests for you to undertake (and rewards for your success).


Learn new skills and grow in power by completing these quests. These quests are all repeatable. See the [[trainer-name for additional details.


The trainer-name will also help you create some ever-lasting servants, once you bring him/her the appropriate number of words of command.


Coraline.JPG Battlemaster-Ivan the warmonger 150px.jpg Merchants-Jeweller alone.png Merchants-Thaumaturg alone.png Merchants-Blacksmith headshot.png

Coraline's shop

Coraline is the merchant in Club noir. She has a variety of accessories, glyphs, and services available through her shop. In addition to items costing credits and blood sapphires, she now also sells items for blood badges as well.

Ivan the battlemaster

Ivan the battlemaster is the trainer and merchant for those specializing in PvP play. You can always get access to the battlemaster's store and its wares.


The jeweller in Club noir can cut your raw amethysts, emeralds, sapphires, and dreadcrystals into specialty gems. You can also purchase pre-cut gems there.


The thaumaturge is also in Club noir waiting to inscribe a piece of equipment for you. Always remember to have the item you want inscribed in your setup before you visit the thaumaturge.


The blacksmith can help you craft or purchase esoteric items.

For crafting projects, you must always bring the appropriate crafting materials along before approaching the blacksmith.


Creatures drop a variety of loot items. Some loot drops are very common; some are very rare.

Common loot

Among the items that are commonly dropped as loot (in the lair of the dragons and elsewhere) are:

Location-specific loot

Loot items that are only dropped at the lair of the dragons (or only at lair of the dragons and one or two other locations) include:


  • 10 July 2012: The lair of the dragons portal location was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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