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Inscriptions-Psychotic wrath.jpg
Enhancement class



Inscriptions are a way of enchanting certain pieces of equipment:


You can purchase inscriptions from the Thaumaturge in Club noir using ghost ink as the currency (From the main menu go to Club noir Blue arrow right.png Thaumaturge).


Only one inscription at a time can be added to a single piece of equipment.

Putting a new inscription onto a previously-inscribed item destroys the old insciption.


Inscription Damage school Equipment slot Cost Proc/Benefit
Inscriptions-Abyssal defiance.jpg    

Abyssal defiance

Mystic Boots 5 Ghost ink Mystic resistance 2
Inscriptions-Abyssal doom.jpg    

Abyssal doom

Mystic Hand armor 6 Ghost ink Manacurse 2
Inscriptions-Abyssal resolve.jpg    

Abyssal resolve

Mystic Head armor 5 Ghost ink Manastorm 2
Inscriptions-Abyssal scorn.jpg    

Abyssal scorn

Mystic Chest armor 5 Ghost ink Nethershock 2
Inscriptions-Abyssal wrath.jpg    

Abyssal wrath

Mystic Weapon 6 Ghost ink Netherbolt 2
Inscriptions-Fiery defiance.jpg    

Fiery defiance

Fire Boots 5 Ghost ink Fireward 2
Inscriptions-Fiery doom.jpg    

Fiery doom

Fire Hand armor 6 Ghost ink Firecurse 2
Inscriptions-Fiery resolve.jpg    

Fiery resolve

Fire Head armor 5 Ghost ink Ignite 2
Inscriptions-Fiery scorn.jpg    

Fiery scorn

Fire Chest armor 5 Ghost ink Incinerate 2
Inscriptions-Fiery wrath.jpg    

Fiery wrath

Fire Weapon 6 Ghost ink Fireball 2
Inscriptions-Hawkeye defiance.jpg    

Hawkeye defiance

Ballistic Boots 5 Ghost ink Blur 2
Inscriptions-Hawkeye doom.jpg    

Hawkeye doom

Ballistic Hand armor 6 Ghost ink True aim 2
Inscriptions-Hawkeye resolve.jpg    

Hawkeye resolve

Ballistic Head armor 5 Ghost ink Precision 2
Inscriptions-Hawkeye scorn.jpg    

Hawkeye scorn

Ballistic Chest armor 5 Ghost ink Trauma 2
Inscriptions-Hawkeye wrath.jpg    

Hawkeye wrath

Ballistic Weapon 6 Ghost ink Hail of bullets 2
Inscriptions-Heroic defiance.jpg    

Heroic defiance

Heroism & Tenacity Boots 6 Ghost ink Tenacity 1
Inscriptions-Heroic doom.jpg    

Heroic doom

Heroism & Tenacity Hand armor 7 Ghost ink Heroism 1
Inscriptions-Heroic resolve.jpg    

Heroic resolve

Heroism & Tenacity Head armor 7 Ghost ink Heroism 1
Inscriptions-Heroic scorn.jpg    

Heroic scorn

Heroism & Tenacity Chest armor 6 Ghost ink Tenacity 1
Inscriptions-Heroic wrath.jpg    

Heroic wrath

Heroism & Tenacity Weapon 9 Ghost ink Heroism 1
Tenacity 1
Inscriptions-Icy defiance.jpg    

Icy defiance

Ice Boots 5 Ghost ink Iceward 2
Inscriptions-Icy doom.jpg    

Icy doom

Ice Hand armor 6 Ghost ink Icecurse 2
Inscriptions-Icy resolve.jpg    

Icy resolve

Ice Head armor 5 Ghost ink Freeze 2
Inscriptions-Icy scorn.jpg    

Icy scorn

Ice Chest armor 5 Ghost ink Frostbite 2
Inscriptions-Icy wrath.jpg    

Icy wrath

Ice Weapon 6 Ghost ink Iceblast 2
Inscriptions-Lifebound defiance.jpg    

Lifebound defiance

Healing Boots 7 Ghost ink Ancient blood 1
Inscriptions-Lifebound doom.jpg    

Lifebound doom

Healing Hand armor 6 Ghost ink Blood infusion 2
Inscriptions-Lifebound resolve.jpg    

Lifebound resolve

Healing Head armor 6 Ghost ink Dispel (defensive)
Inscriptions-Lifebound scorn.jpg    

Lifebound scorn

Healing Chest armor 7 Ghost ink Heal 2
Inscriptions-Lifebound wrath.jpg    

Lifebound wrath

Healing Weapon 6 Ghost ink Increases the ability to resist hostile procs by 3%
Inscriptions-Poisonous defiance.jpg    

Poisonous defiance

Toxic Boots 5 Ghost ink Inoculation 2
Inscriptions-Poisonous doom.jpg    

Poisonous doom

Toxic Hand armor 6 Ghost ink Poisoncurse 2
Inscriptions-Poisonous resolve.jpg    

Poisonous resolve

Toxic Head armor 5 Ghost ink Infection 2
Inscriptions-Poisonous scorn.jpg    

Poisonous scorn

Toxic Chest armor 5 Ghost ink Blood fever 2
Inscriptions-Poisonous wrath.jpg    

Poisonous wrath

Toxic Weapon 6 Ghost ink Envenom 2
Inscriptions-Psychotic defiance.jpg    

Psychotic defiance

Psychic Boots 5 Ghost ink Nerves of steel 2
Inscriptions-Psychotic doom.jpg    

Psychotic doom

Psychic Hand armor 6 Ghost ink Paranoia 2
Inscriptions-Psychotic resolve.jpg    

Psychotic resolve

Psychic Head armor 5 Ghost ink Focused mind 2
Inscriptions-Psychotic scorn.jpg    

Psychotic scorn

Psychic Chest armor 5 Ghost ink Mindspike 2
Inscriptions-Psychotic wrath.jpg    

Psychotic wrath

Psychic Weapon 6 Ghost ink Brainblast 2
Inscriptions-Shadowy defiance.jpg    

Shadowy defiance

Shadow Boots 5 Ghost ink Nightward 2
Inscriptions-Shadowy doom.jpg    

Shadowy doom

Shadow Hand armor 6 Ghost ink Shadowcurse 2
Inscriptions-Shadowy resolve.jpg    

Shadowy resolve

Shadow Head armor 5 Ghost ink Damnation 2
Inscriptions-Shadowy scorn.jpg    

Shadowy scorn

Shadow Chest armor 5 Ghost ink Corruption 2
Inscriptions-Shadowy wrath.jpg    

Shadowy wrath

Shadow Weapon 6 Ghost inks Nightfall 2
Inscriptions-Static defiance.jpg    

Static defiance

Electric Boots 5 Ghost ink Grounding 2
Inscriptions-Static doom.jpg    

Static doom

Electric Hand armor 6 Ghost ink Stormcurse 2
Inscriptions-Static resolve.jpg    

Static resolve

Electric Head armor 5 Ghost ink Overload 2
Inscriptions-Static scorn.jpg    

Static scorn

Electric Chest armor 5 Ghost ink Shock 2
Inscriptions-Static wrath.jpg    

Static wrath

Electric Weapon 6 Ghost ink Discharge 2
Inscriptions-Violent defiance.jpg    

Violent defiance

Physical Boots 5 Ghost ink Resilience 2
Inscriptions-Violent doom.jpg    

Violent doom

Physical Hand armor 6 Ghost ink Slayer 2
Inscriptions-Violent resolve.jpg    

Violent resolve

Physical Head armor 5 Ghost ink Cruelty 2
Inscriptions-Violent scorn.jpg    

Violent scorn

Physical Chest armor 5 Ghost ink Rend 2
Inscriptions-Violent wrath.jpg    

Violent wrath

Physical Weapon 6 Ghost ink Berserk 2
Inscriptions-Winter defiance.jpg    

Winter defiance

Ice Boots 7 Ghost ink Revert
Inscriptions-Winter doom.jpg    

Winter doom

Ice Hand armor 9 Ghost ink Icy veins
Inscriptions-Winter resolve.jpg    

Winter resolve

Ice Head armor 7 Ghost ink Winter prison
Inscriptions-Winter scorn.jpg    

Winter scorn

Ice Chest armor 7 Ghost ink Ice 3
Inscriptions-Winter wrath.jpg    

Winter wrath

Ice Weapon 7 Ghost ink Frostfist 3
Inscriptions-Zealous defiance.jpg    

Zealous defiance

Holy Boots 5 Ghost ink Blasphemy 2
Inscriptions-Zealous doom.jpg    

Zealous doom

Holy Hand armor 6 Ghost ink Angels' wrath 2
Inscriptions-Zealous resolve.jpg    

Zealous resolve

Holy Head armor 5 Ghost ink Exorcism 2
Inscriptions-Zealous scorn.jpg    

Zealous scorn

Holy Chest armor 5 Ghost ink Remorse 2
Inscriptions-Zealous wrath.jpg    

Zealous wrath

Holy Weapon 6 Ghost ink Penance 2

Equipment inscriptions

You can also view lists of the inscriptions for a particular type of equipment:


  • 24 October 2011: Inscriptions were added to Chronicles of Blood.
  • 6 December 2011: Heroic inscriptions were added to Chronicles of Blood.

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