Insane clown

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Insane clown
Creatures-Insane clown.jpg
Corrupted creature
     Level: 26
     Rarity: Rare
Procs-Corrupted. icon.png  Proc: Corruption
Procs-Cursing icon.png  Proc: Curse
Procs-Jinx.png  Proc: Jinx
     Damage type: Shadow



It lives in the underground sewers. It is not funny. It does not make you laugh. It does only one thing ... kill you.


Creatures-Corrupted.jpg An insane clown is a corrupted creature.


The insane clown can inflict shadow damage on its opponent in each round of a battle.


The insane clown may have the following procs available in battle:

  • Procs-Corruption icon.png  Corruption: The corruption proc gives a chance to deal additional shadow damage over time against the opponent.
  • Procs-Cursing icon.png  Curse: The curse proc is a disruptive buff that occasionally activates at the beginning of a battle. When it is active, curse reduces the opponent's rage and control for the entire battle.
  • Procs-Jinx.png  Jinx: The jinx proc is a strategic/disruptive proc that increases the chances that an opponent will be more susceptible to damage from an environmental proc and that also increases the chances that the user of the jinx proc will be the beneficiary of any healing-related environmental proc.



You may encounter the insane clown in:


Vanquish an insane clown in battle, and you may occasionally discover that some of the following items have been left behind:


  • 3 June 2010: The insane clown was included in the initial release of Chronicles of Blood.
  • 6 August 2012: The insane clown began to drop the underground blogger woc as loot.

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