Icy veins

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Icy veins
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Offensive buff



The icy veins proc gives a chance to apply the frozen effect to an opponent.


The icy veins proc is gained at the beginning of a round.

Related feat

The below zero feat from the winterfall vampiric power is an enhanced version of the icy veins proc.

Equipment and usage info

You may gain the icy veins proc when you have one or more of the following items in your setup:

Item Type Level req'd Icy veins level
Axe of endless winter Weapon ajbLevel 91
Below zero Feat ajbLevel 91
Battle sabercat Mount aabLevel 1
Crystal crossbow Weapon ajdLevel 1
Crystalline dreadcrystal Gem aabLevel 1
Diamond skin Body modification abbLevel 11
Fingers of frost Hand armor ajcLevel 92
Frost specter Servant aabLevel 1
Frostknight executioners Hand armor ajfLevel 95
Frostknight wargear Set bonus ajfLevel 95
Glacier blade Weapon ajbLevel 91
Glyph of cold Glyph ajbLevel 91
Heart of the icy wastes Accessory ajjLevel 99
Ice belt Belt ajeLevel 94
Ice coffin Coffin ajjLevel 99
Ice wolf Mount bcaLevel 121
Icegloom Weapon baaLevel 100
Sapphire brooch Accessory aabLevel 1
Sapphire pendant Accessory aabLevel 1
Scintilla's boon Set bonus ajcLevel 92
Staff of the ice witch Weapon ajfLevel 95
Winter doom Inscription aabLevel 1
Winter throne Coffin afbLevel 51



The icy veins proc may be gained in battle by the following creatures:

Limited availability creatures

The icy veins proc may also be gained in battle by the following creatures from special event and portal locations::

Epic bosses

Coven bosses

The icy veins proc can be gained by any coven boss during any battle.


  • 24 January 2012: The icy veins proc was shown on an unreleased weapon in Coraline's shop in Club noir.
  • 13 February 2012: The icy veins proc and the equipment associated with it were officially released..

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