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Use the search box


Type the name of the thing you're looking for into the search box.

  • If you hit "Go", you will be taken to the page for that item if we have a page with that title.
  • If you hit "Search", the search function will look for that word or phrase on any pages.

If you get a "no such page" message, please take a second to fill out this form. Or send a Facebook message and we'll do what we can to update the pages/links/topics.

Check the main page

We've tried to give high-level sections a prominent place on the main page. Unfortunately, its sometime difficult to know exactly which category something falls into. If you don't know the category, use the search box (see above).

Summary pages

These are pages that consolidate a lot of information into a relatively small format. Some of these pages will link you to a wiki spreadsheet or to other wiki pges for more detail. When you want an overview of a topic, these are the pages to look for first.

  • Index to all creatures and bosses — This page is the most useful for finding out exactly where a particular creature is found (this can be particularly helpful in contests and competitions run by some of the support groups).


A lot of information on a new location goes first to the location-name page. It should be listed under "New" in the sidebar.

Quick category listings

Almost all pages are assigned to at least one category. (Look at the bottom of the page to see the categories listed.

We're human — some of the category types are one-offs (because we haven't consolidated several different ways of expressing the same type of info), what makes sense to us may not make sense to you... etc.

Special: Categories: This link will give you an unorganized list of all current page categories.

Special: CategoryTree

Tier news and info

We're trying to consolidate basic info about all of the equipment and resources available to players in the same 10-level tier onto a single page ... because your gear can come from loot, from crafting, from the battlemaster, from Club noir, etc. This is an attempt to get away from our initial PvE bias ... and its taking us some time to get there. If we've gotten a page together for your tier, it's listed under "tier news" in the sidebar.

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