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The holographic program is the trainer in Cyberlabs inc..


You must collect the magical item, hologram emitter, in Cyberlabs inc. before you can visit and work with the holographic program.



The holographic program can send you on quests to teach you new skills and help you become a more powerful vampire:

Quest name Objective Quest cooldown Reward
Human resources 20 Cyborgs 24
I'll be back 12 Liquid metal monstrosities 24
Ready for a revolution 5 Hive queens # of hours
Loving the alien 3 Director Stiles
Fatal shutdown 3 Robotic chaosmages
Junkyard 40 Robotic shapeshifters


The holographic program can also help you dominate certain servants when you bring him/her/it the correct number of words of command for that servant:

Servant name Number of
WoCs to collect
Mercenary 30
Spider drone 30
Coffincracker droid 30
Cyber engineer 30


  • 20 July 2011: The holographic program trainer was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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