Heirloom longsword

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Heirloom longsword
Weapons-Heirloom sword.jpg
Bound physical sword-style weapon
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 73
     Rage required: 52
Procs-Rend icon.png  Physical damage: 37–57
Procs-Berserk.png  Proc: Berserk level 3
Procs-Deflection.png  Proc: Deflection
Procs-Berserk.png  Proc: Devastate level 1
Procs-Execute.png  Proc: Execute
Procs-Rend icon.png  Proc: Rend level 3

     Crafting 1 blood sapphire 


A little more than kin, and less than kind.

— Hamlet


An heirloom longsword is a bound physical sword-style weapon.


You must be at least level 73 and have at least 52 rage points to craft and use the heirloom longsword weapon.

Special abilities

The heirloom longsword increases your chance to hit an opponent by 3%.

The heirloom longsword also increases your chance to make a critical hit on an opponent by 3%.


The heirloom longsword weapon has the ability to deal between 37 and 57 physical damage against an opponent in each round of a battle.

Sockets and gems

An heirloom longsword has a total of one socket for gems:


The heirloom longsword weapon has the following procs associated with it:



You must craft the heirloom longsword weapon with the assistance of Banshee, the merchant in McCloud Manor.

Crafting materials

To craft the heirloom longsword weapon you must pay 1 blood sapphire and collect and deliver to the Banshee the following:


You cannot trade or give an heirloom longsword to another player.


You can disenchant an heirloom longsword.

You can expect to receive between 35 and 45 blood rubies when you disenchant and destroy an heirloom longsword.


  • 4 February 2011: The heirloom longsword weapon was added to Chronicles of Blood.
  • 12 April 2012: The currency required in addition to the crafting materials changed from blood diamond to blood sapphire.

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