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Hammers is a class of weapons in Chronicles of Blood.

Most hammers deal physical damage. However, not all weapons that deal physical damage are hammers.

Some hammers deal electric damage or toxic damage instead of physical damage.


Hammer: Noun. A tool with a heavy metal head mounted at right angles at the end of a handle.


  • Gavel
  • Mallet


Weapon Damage type Level required Location Source
Baseball bat Physical damage aa34 Crows Hill Cemetery Undead broker
Bokken Physical damage aee44 Abandoned industrial complex Loot
Clubbering club Physical damage aia80 Silverlight lake Loot
Electrowhip Electric damage aei48 Abandoned industrial complex Smugglercrafting
Götterdämmerung Electric damage aca20 Dark forest Loot
Headsmasher Physical damage acf25 Underground sewers Hunchbackcrafting
Hell Chain Fire damage ada30 Zirkus des Schreckens Sultana's ring tosscrafting
Hellfire Chain Fire damage aia80 Zirkus des Schreckens Sultana's ring tosscrafting
Hellblaze Chain Fire damage aea140 Zirkus des Schreckens Sultana's ring tosscrafting
Ivory mace Physical damage bai108 Dread jungle Loot
Neptune's fury Electric damage bca120 Underwater city Dick Ryder - crafting
Plague flail Toxic damage acf25 Underground sewers Hunchback—purchase
Trenchclub Physical damage adf35 Battlemaster—purchase
Worldender Physical damage aja90 Battlemaster—purchase

Hammer proficiency

You gain hammer proficiency by using a hammer-type weapon in any battle that requires bloodlust to be used — this includes PvE, PvB, and PvCB, and offensive PvP. Any hammer-type weapon may be used to help increase your hammer proficiency.

Proficiency level Battles required Bonus
Level 1 3000 Increased chance to cause stun
Level 2 7500 Better chance to cause stun
Level 3 20,000 Best chance to cause stun
Glyphs-Demolisher glyph.jpg


The demolisher glyph gives one additional point towards hammer proficiency for each battle that you start while using a hammer.

The demolisher glyph also increases the damage done by your hammer-type weapon by 20% when both the weapon and the demolisher glyph] are equipped.


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