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Bound shadow sword-style weapon
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 97
Damages-Shadow damage.png  Shadow damage: 70–90
Procs-Condemnation.png  Proc: Condemnation level 3
Procs-Cursing icon.png  Proc: Curse level 5
Procs-Damnation icon.png  Proc: Damnation level 4
Procs-Disrupt.png  Proc: Disrupt level 1
Procs-Heroism.png  Proc: Heroism level 4
Procs-Ice.png  Proc: Ice level 5
Procs-Lifebane.png  Proc: Lifebane level 4
Procs-Nightfall.png  Proc: Nightfall level 6
Procs-Parasitism.png  Proc: Parasitism level 3




A graveblade is a bound shadow sword-style weapon.


You must be at least level 97 and have at least 90 rage points to use the graveblade weapon.

Special abilities

A graveblade increases your chance of hitting an opponent by 7%.

A graveblade also increases the chance you will make a critical hit on an opponent by 4%.


The graveblade weapon has the ability to deal between 70 and 90 shadow damage against an opponent in each round of a battle.

Sockets and gems

A graveblade has a total of two socket for gems:


You can inscribe a graveblade with any of the wrath inscriptions for weapons.


The graveblade weapon has the following procs associated with it:

  • Procs-Cursing icon.png  Curse: The curse proc is a disruptive buff that occasionally activates at the beginning of a battle. When it is active, curse reduces the opponent's rage and control for the entire battle. Curse is a level 5 proc on a graveblade.
  • Procs-Disrupt.png  Disrupt: The disrupt proc is an offensive buff that gives a chance to remove a buff from the opposing player in every combat round. Disrupt is a level 1 proc on a graveblade.



The graveblade weapon can occasionally be left behind as loot after you defeat one of the following epic bosses in a battle:

The graveblade weapon is an extremely rare loot drop.


You cannot trade or give a graveblade to another player.


  • 13 February 2012: The graveblade weapon was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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