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Wardstones-Fiery wardstone.jpg



Wardstones are a class of accessories.

Except for the death wardstone, wardstones protect against different schools of damage … but at a cost. In addition to the damage school protection, you also gain a vulnerability of some sort. The death wardstone has no vulnerability associated with it.

Wardstones can only be purchased by PvP players (since the currency used to purchase them is victory points), but can be used in any setup.

Except for the death wardstone (3000 victory points), each wardstone costs 1000 victory points. See the Club noir Blue arrow right.png Battlemaster's store tab in-game to purchase one or more wardstones.

If you don't see all of the wardstones, you can click on the Show all accessories link to display more items.


The following are the wardstones currently released:

Wardstone Procs Vulnerability
Wardstones-Blooming wardstone.jpg

Blooming wardstone

Ancient blood 2 Vulnerable to toxic damage
Wardstones-Cleansing wardstone.jpg

Cleansing wardstone

Inoculation 6 Vulnerable to physical damage
Wardstones-Cooling wardstone.jpg

Cooling wardstone

Fireward 6 Vulnerable to ice damage
Wardstones-Death wardstone.jpg

Death wardstone

Invincible Vulnerable to none
Wardstones-Decaying wardstone.jpg

Decaying wardstone

Necrosis 3 Vulnerable to mystic damage
Wardstones-Fiery wardstone.jpg

Fiery wardstone

Iceward 6 Vulnerable to fire damage
Wardstones-Granite wardstone.jpg

Granite wardstone

Resilience 6 Vulnerable to electric damage
Wardstones-Grounded wardstone.jpg

Grounded wardstone

Grounding 6 Vulnerable to ballistic damage
Wardstones-Infernal wardstone.jpg

Infernal wardstone

Blasphemy 6 Vulnerable to shadow damage
Wardstones-Misty wardstone.jpg

Misty wardstone

Blur 6 Vulnerable to mystic damage
Wardstones-Psychic wardstone.jpg

Psychic wardstone

Nerves of steel 6 Vulnerable to holy damage
Wardstones-Runic wardstone.jpg

Runic wardstone

Mystic resistance 6 Vulnerable to shadow damage
Wardstones-Sacred wardstone.jpg

Sacred wardstone

Nightward 6 Vulnerable to holy damage


  • 22 February 2011: Wardstones are announced as "coming soon" by Andi Huller on the Chronicles of Blood forums.
  • 14 March 2011: Wardstones are released.

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