Glyph of complacency

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Glyph of complacency
Glyphs-Glyph of complacency.jpg
Dynamic glyph
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 1

Currency-Blood sapphire.png   Cost: 100 blood sapphires



Glyph of complacency is a dynamic glyph.

The glyph of complacency has procs that will level up as the glyph levels up.


You can use the glyph of complacency at any time (the stated requirement level is 1).

Leveling the glyph of complacency

Glyph of complacency Level No. of hunts
to next level
Total no. of hunts
Glyph of complacency 0 Blue arrow right.png 1 500 abominable creatures 500 abominable creatures
1 Blue arrow right.png 2 500 abominable creatures 1000 abominable creatures
2 Blue arrow right.png 3 1000 abominable creatures 2000 abominable creatures
3 n/a n/a


Proc and level Description
Terrorbane level 1–3
Terrorward level 1–3
Blaze level 1–3

Quick proc list

Glyph level Procs
Glyph of complacency level 0
Glyph of complacency level 1
Glyph of complacency level 2
Glyph of complacency level 3



You can purchase a glyph of complacency from Coraline, the Club noir merchant.


You cannot trade or give a glyph of complacency to another player.


You cannot disenchant a glyph of complacency.


  • 19 September 2011: The glyph of complacency and the other glyphs were added to Chronicles of Blood.

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