Glistening Star Pendant

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Glistening Star Pendant
Accessories-Fallen Star Pendant.jpg
Bound accessory
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 81
Procs-Icy veins.png  Proc: Icy veins
Procs-Frostfist.png  Proc: Frostfist level 2
Procs-Backlash icon.png  Proc: Backlash level 2
Procs-Healing icon.png  Proc: Heal level 2
Procs-Ice debuff.png  Proc: Icecurse level 2
Procs-Ancient blood.png  Proc: Ancient blood level 2



Outside, in the newly fallen darkness, the world had been transformed.
The sky had become a glistening tapestry of stars.

— Dan Brown


A Glistening Star Pendant increases your maximum blood by 200.


You must be at least level 81 to use the Glistening Star Pendant.

Sockets and gems

A glistening star pendant has a total of two sockets for gems:


A glistening star pendant has the following procs associated with it:



You must craft the Glistening Star Pendant with the assistance of The Workshop, the local merchant in the Golden summer lake portal.

Crafting materials

Collect the following items and deliver them to The Workshop to craft the Glistening Star Pendant accesory:


The glistening star pendant can be used to craft the more advanced accessory, the Exploding Star Pendant.

To craft the Exploding Star Pendant you must be at least level 101 and collect the Glistening Star Pendant and deliver it to The Workshop along with its components.


You cannot trade or give a glistening star pendant to another player.


You cannot disenchant a glistening star pendant.


  • 17 December 2018: the Glistening Star Pendant was added in Chronicles of Blood.

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