Ghost ink

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Ghost ink
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Bound inscription currency



Ghost ink is a somewhat common material that is the common currency used when dealing with the Thaumaturge.

It may also be used as a crafting material in creating certain pieces of armor, weapons, accessories, etc.


Ghost ink is used at the Thaumaturge's in Club noir to buy inscriptions.

Crafting usage

Item Type Level Number of
ghost inks
Ice wolf Mount bcbLevel 121 30
Paladin helmet Head armor bcbLevel 121 30



You can purchase ghost ink from Coraline, the Club noir merchant, for 800 blood badges each.

Quest reward

You can acquire ghost ink by completing the thrillseeker quest in Dark oblivion.

Nightly rewards

Ghost ink is occasionally received as a bonus in nightly rewards.

Donation thank-yous

Ghost ink is also available as a part of every thank-you package for donations made to support the ongoing development of Chronicles of Blood beginning at the $30.00 (US) level.

Other info


You cannot trade or give ghost ink to another player.

You can make a donation on behalf of another player and select ghost ink as the thank-you item that other player will receive.


You cannot disenchant ghost ink.


  • 24 October 2011: The ghost ink crafting material was added to Chronicles of Blood.
  • 4 December 2011: Ghost ink became available for purchase from Coraline, the Club noir merchant.

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