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Status effect trigger



The fury proc is an offensive buff, that applies the cowering status effect to an opponent.


You have a percentage chance of gaining the fury proc in battle.

The fury proc can be gained multiple times during a battle.

Related procs and feats

The fury proc must be gained before you can gain other procs that take advantage of the cowering status effect. Those procs include:

Equipment and usage info

You have a chance to gain the fury proc in battle when you include one or more of the following items in your setup:

Item Type Level req'd Fury level
Behemoth coffin Coffin bcfLevel 125
Bloodstone Sigil Accessory bcbLevel 121
Gargantuan anaconda Mount bcfLevel 125
Golem Servant abbLevel 11
Granite bones Body modification babLevel 101
Hyperion glaive Weapon bdaLevel 130
Jason's armor Chest armor befLevel 145
Jinxed fang necklace Accessory aegLevel 46
Large fangs Body modification agbLevel 61
Sharp claws Body modification abbLevel 11
Undead axeman Servant abbLevel 11

Increasing the chance to gain fury

If you have the following items in your setup you have an increased chance of gaining the fury proc in battle:

Item Type Level req'd Increases chance by
[[]] [[]] Level  %



The fury proc may be gained in battle by the following creatures:

Epic bosses

The fury proc may be gained in battle by the following epic bosses:

Coven bosses

The fury proc can be gained by any coven boss during any battle.


  • 17 April 2014: The fury proc was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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