Frozen tears

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Frozen tears
Materials-Frozen tears.png
Tradeable crafting material


You're frozen when your heart's not open.

— Madonna


Frozen tears is a common crafting material.

Usage summary

There are many different items you can craft that require the use of the frozen tears crafting material.

Item Type Level required
to craft
Number of
frozen tears
Blistering coffin Coffin afbLevel 51 4
Brain in a bottle Accessory abbLevel 11 5
Cryo generator Accessory ajfLevel 95 5
Crystal crossbow Weapon ajdLevel 93 3
Dragonflame sash Belt bbgLevel 115 100
Dragonwand Weapon acaLevel 20 25
Embrace of darkness Chest armor aajLevel 9 5
Energy sword Weapon aidLevel 83 2
Frost dagger Weapon aahLevel 7 5
Ice armor Chest armor ajhLevel 97 3
Ice helmet Head armor ajgLevel 96 3
Icegloom Weapon baaLevel 100 250
Jar of dragonfire Accessory agbLevel 61 10
Kiss of darkness Head armor abaLevel 10 1
Mask of madness Head armor abbLevel 11 5
Necromancer's cloak Chest armor aahLevel 7 5
Raven claws Hand armor aaeLevel 4 2
Ring of frost Accessory affLevel 55 25
Ring of the glacier Chest armor ajfLevel 95 100
Runeplate gauntlets Hand armor ahgLevel 76 2
Snowflake ring Accessory abfLevel 15 10
The freezer Weapon afaLevel 50 25
Robes of Seth Chest armor aghLevel 67 2
Skull belt Belt aahLevel 7 2
Voidheart hood Head armor afeLevel 54 2



Frozen tears are occasionally left behind as loot when you defeat one of the following creatures in battle:

Portal creatures

The frozen tears crafting material can occasionally be left behind as loot when you defeat one of the following limited-availability creatures:

Special event portal creatures

Epic bosses

Frozen tears are occasionally dropped as loot by the following epic bosses:

Quest rewards

You can also receive frozen tears by completing the albino hunt quest from the St Bernard sage in the foothills of Mount Messmer.


You can trade or give frozen tears to another player.

The underground market lets you offer an anonymous trade to any other player who is willing to pay the price you set (Community Blue arrow right.png Underground market).

You can also set up a private trade or a gift using the in-game trade mechanisms (Community Blue arrow right.png Trade or Community Blue arrow right.png Gift).


You cannot disenchant frozen tears.


  • 1 June 2010: Frozen tears was included in the initial release of Chronicles of Blood.

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