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The Frosty the Snowman is the trainer in the Silverlight lake.


There are no requirements to visit the Silverlight lake and work with the Frosty the Snowman BUT you can only visit while the Bloodred Christmas event is open.

Additional info


The Frosty the Snowman can send you on quests to teach you new skills and help you become a more powerful vampire:

Quest name Object Quest cooldown Reward
Bloody Rudolph 30 x Rabid reindeers 48 hours
Kramped in Here 20 x Krampus' 23 hours


The Frosty the Snowman can also help you dominate certain servants when you bring him/her/it the correct number of words of command for that servant:

Servant No. of WoCs
Apprentice necromancer 25
Cardinal Sin 15
Lycan mistwalker 15
Skyrider drones 30
Young lycan 30


  • 18 December 2017: The Frosty the Snowman trainer was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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