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Feats are the powers that are gained when a vampiric power is activated.

Among the feats that have been identified, and the vampiric powers they have been associated with are:

Feat Vampiric power(s)
Feats-Below zero.png  Below zero Winterfall
Feats-Blackout.png  Blackout Shattered reality
Feats-Bloodcloak.png  Bloodcloak Bloodshift
Procs-Bloodbane icon.png  Bloodhunt Edict of the archon
Feats-Blood plague.png  Blood plague Venomtongue
Infecting strike
Feats-Blood stream.png  Blood stream Blessing from the elders
Hunger of the beast
Bovine boon
Feats-Destroy blood cells.png  Destroy blood cells Plague bolt
Feats-Beast burst emp.png  Dissolve flesh Vamp vs. wild
Feats-Elysium.png  Elysium Forcefield
Feats-Empowered blacken.png  Empowered blacken Curse of the bat
Feats-Empowered blaze.png  Empowered blaze Monsterslayer power
Feats-Empowered brainblast.png  Empowered brainblast Mindburn
Feats-Empowered corrupt innocence.png  Empowered corrupt innocence Darkest depths
Feats-Empowered corruption.png  Empowered corruption Vile swarm
End of all hope
Feats-Empowered deflection.png  Empowered deflection Counterattack
Sanctuary in the sands
Feats-Empowered discharge.png  Empowered discharge Lightning strike
Feats-Empowered envenom.png  Empowered envenom Purge
Rhythm of the wardrums
Feats-Empowered etherbolt.png  Empowered etherbolt Voodoo mastery
Feats-Empowered execute.png  Empowered execute Blacksmith's blessing
Feats-Empowered fireball.png  Empowered fireball Immolation
Let the world burn
Feats-Empowered freeze.png  Empowered freeze Death chill
Feats-Empowered frostbite.png  Empowered frostbite Raise skeletons
Feats-Empowered frostfist.png  Empowered frostfist Snowstorm
Feats-Empowered gammaburn.png  Empowered gammaburn Order 66
Feats-Empowered ice.png  Empowered ice Glacierstrike
Feats-Empowered iceblast.png  Empowered iceblast Soul strike
Feats-Empowered incinerate.png  Empowered incinerate Pyromancy
Feats-Empowered lifeleech.png  Empowered lifeleech Decay
Banshee shriek
Feats-Empowered mind spike.png  Empowered mind spike Mind over matter
Nightmare scream
Feats-Empowered netherbolt.png  Empowered netherbolt Arcane turbulence
Feat Vampiric power(s)
Feats-Empowered nethershock.png  Empowered nethershock Ghost trapping
Feats-Empowered nightfall.png  Empowered nightfall Grave touch
Eternal oblivion
Feats-Empowered rend.png  Empowered rend Command vermin
Lambs to the slaughter
Feats-Empowered shock.png  Empowered shock Electrocute
Feats-Empowered soulburn.png  Empowered soulburn Nemesis
Feats-Empowered thetablast.png  Empowered thetablast Planetary defense
Procs-Vampire burst.png  Empowered UV burst Eye of Horus
Feats-Enrage.png  Enrage Aikido mastery
Feats-Focused shot.png  Focused shot Hawkeyes
Lock target
Feats-Force of will.png  Force of will Longest night
Feats-Undead burst emp.png  Grindstorm Bone grinder
Feats-Hex.png  Hex Doom
Feats-Demonic burst emp.png  Holy lance Gehenna
Feats-Incapacitate.png  Incapacitate Agonizing acupuncture
Cobra stare
Cryogenic touch
Feats-Lethal wound.png  Lethal wound Marked for death
Feats-Malfunction.png  Malfunction Modern warfare
Feats-Pestilence.png  Pestilence Frenzy
Rain of scarabs
Feats-Redemption.png  Redemption Last stand
Path of the righteous
Eternal salvation
Feats-Remove condition.png  Remove condition Iron will
Cosmic rays
Feats-Restoration.png  Restoration Earthmend
Shelter of the herd
Feats-Sever blood bond.png  Sever blood bond Create illusion of beauty
Feats-Shadowdance.png  Shadowdance Bad omen
Shroud of darkness
Feats-Shutdown.png  Shutdown Ghost in the machine
Feats-Silver bulletstorm.png  Silver bulletstorm Under a red moon
Feats-Empowered smite.png  Smite Megalomania
Demonic rites
Procs-Escape icon.png  Tactical retreat Glamour
Feats-Wither.png  Wither Chloromancy

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