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Environmental procs
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Environmental procs are procs associated with a particular location.


Environmental procs can be gained either by your vampire or by a creature your vampire is battling at any point in a battle.

An environmental proc can change a combat in unpredictable ways, depending on a number of other factors, including when in the battle a combatant gains the proc and what other procs and equipment the combatants have.

Without other procs affecting a battle, an environmental proc begins with a 50-50 percent chance of affecting either participant in a battle. Additional procs, as described below, can affect the rate at which one combatant is affected.

Proc Effect Location
Procs-R1 proc.png Chill of the grave Shadow damage Crows Hill Cemetery
Procs-R2 proc.png Sanctuary of the trees Healing Dark Forest
Procs-R3 proc.png Stench of evil Calls stun proc Underground Sewers
Procs-R4 proc.png Sniper attack Ballistic damage Oldtown
Procs-R5 proc.png Radioactive leak Toxic damage Abandoned industrial complex
Procs-R6 proc.png Hellfire burst Fire damage Infernal planes
Procs-Combat pumpkin.png Flying pumpkins causes Stun
Procs-Stampede.png Stampede Physical damage Red pastures
Procs-Cyclone.png Cyclone Physical damage Dust devil desert
Procs-Haunt.png Haunt Mystic damage McCloud Manor
Procs-Madness.png Madness Deflection Dark oblivion
Procs-Counterintrusion measures.png Counterintrusion measures Ballistic damage Cyberlabs inc.
Procs-Theta radiation.png Theta radiation Psychic damage Crashed spaceship
Procs-Icy winds.jpg Icy winds Ice damage Mount Messmer
Procs-Healing flames.png Healing flames Healing Lair of the dragons
Procs-Acid rain.png Acid rain Toxic damage Dread jungle
Procs-Foul air.png Foul air Crows Hill crypt
Procs-Claustrophobia.png Claustrophobia Underwater city
Procs-Cloak of darkness.jpg Cloak of darkness Secret laboratory and Blood altar


The proc jinx can tilt the chances of one combatant in a battle being affected by an environmental proc.


  • 1 July 2010: Environmental procs were first added to Chronicles of Blood.

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