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Elder Nosferatu is the trainer in the Underground Sewers.


You must be level 21 and above before you can visit Elder Nosferatu.



The Elder Nosferatu offers the following quests in Underground Sewers:

Name Requirements Rewards
Quest-Sewers Next Topmodel.jpg Sewers next topmodel 10 Monster tentacles 1x Scroll: Create illusion of beauty
1500 XP
1500 credits
Quest-To Rot or Not to Rot.jpg To rot or not to rot 20 Sewer zombies 1x Scroll: Decay
1100 XP
950 credits
Quest-The Exterminator.jpg The exterminator 10 Vermin demons 1x Amulet of untainted blood
2000 XP
2500 credits
Quests-Beauty and the beast.jpg Beauty and the beast 3 Ratling ogers
1x Scroll: Megalomania
3x Scroll: Monsterslayer
3000 XP
4500 credits
Quest-sewer swimming.jpg Sewer swimming 20 tainted morphlings
(Coven Bosses)
1x Scale skin token
1000 XP
1000 credits


The Elder Nosferatu can also help you dominate servants when you bring him the correct number of words of command for that servant:


  • 3 June 2010: Elder Nosferatu was included in the initial release of Chronicles of Blood.

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