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Immediate priorities

Date added Task/ Class Start/ completion date Comments
26 APril 2013 Magical items page needs rewriting to move all of the merchant and trainer access items to a new historical info section, also add links to summoning items.
26 April 2013 Turn lists of summoning items into a table, add column indicating which epic/coven bosses are summoned with which item. maybe add disenchantment yes/no column? Need to think about whether to include disenchantment
26 April 2013 Add all disenchantable items not already in the table on the disenchantment page. Check values.
26 April 2013 Check all summoning item pages to make sure that a link goes to the summoning items page and not to the magical items page.
26 April 2013 Check all summoning items that are for sale in the wandering merchant page and whether that info is on the item's page. Check again in October
26 April 2013 Quests page -- update with newest quests and use red links to identify (and fix) missing quests.
26 April 2013 Templates
Many fixes needed:
  • Get consistency across all the templates for common sections.
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify.
  • Prepare for the Underwater City location
This is an ELAINE task ... ongoing.
26 April 2013 Template calls
Fix template calls that are missing some variables, for ex:
  • portal level templates need the article and perhaps location variables added to their calls
26 April 2013 Environmental procs page needs table format update, sorting added to table format, procs re-sorted alphabetically
26 April 2013 Get rid of all the early locations' special pages for the epic bosses and fold them in to the normal location page
26 April 2013 Update the Club noir/Coraline/trainer etc info on all location pages to newest model.
10 May 2013 Emerald (and probably other gem pages) need section-level headings for each gem and then redirects created to take people directly to the given gem.
1 July 2013 Update all of the crafting mat pages that don't already have the usage section (instead of the list) so that they use the usage section instead.
1 July 2013 Update all crafting mat pages with the individual items that use that mat. (Use "What links here" pages for the list and work backwards from the bottom is probably the easiest way to do this.
10 July 2013 Proc pages update: Procs from mid-I through Z were updated with all items/creatures that had/used them — up through Crows Hill Crypt. So mid-I through Z proc pages need to be updated with procs from creatures/equipment in Underwater City.
10 July 2013 Defensive proc pages in process ... need more of these pages updated to the newer model so that defensive only version of the proc is in its own section, since the two versions of one of these procs are listed separately in the Details of My vampire.
10 July 2013 Proc pages from A through someplace in the middle of the Is: Page formats need updating to remove the lists of equipment and to just use the Usage summary table for that info. These pages will also require more updating, because they are missing equipment/creatures from Underwater City, Crows Hill Crypt, and probably at least some of the Dread Jungle. maybe before that ?
14 July 2013 Servant pages need an update to the newer model for info.
14 July 2013 Tier news pages need updates, including needing to figure out how to report servant damage at those levels (without having to list/update with every new donation servant ....)
14 July 2013 Weapons, etc. that move from being available at Coraline's to a local merchants need to have their individual pages updated to include that info (and usually to update the format, add weapon proficiency and glyph info, etc. Use the current Template: Weapon as a source from which to copy/paste relevant content).
14 July 2013 Individual trainer pages -- earlier pages need any reference to an item required to gain access removed.
14 July 2013 Individual merchant pages ... Each of the earlier merchant pages needs to be updated with the BB items that were originally sold at Coraline's to be included in the stock lists for the local merchants. Also the refs to required items to gain access need to be removed.
14 July 2013 Weapons index page -- needs weapons copied in from all their various and sundry individual location/pvp pages.
14 July 2013 Tier news 1-10 -- does it make sense to separate out all the donation/special event location items that can be gotten/used at any level ?
14 July 2013 PvB pages/section needs to be re-written so that the assist-click requirements etc. aren't first ... should be written with no additional requirement, but time limited, first, then add the fb stuff following ...
14 July 2013 PvP needs lots of work
14 July 2013 Shadow damage page needs additional work -- do we *really* need to add the item lists for each proc ? Or can we find a way just to link to the individual proc ? And maybe add some additional setup demos ?
14 July 2013 Damage school pages other than shadow -- Need to have their basic set of procs shown in relationship (not yet convinced the table we have is the best way of adding that info, but can't figure out something better at the moment.... All also need lots more content added.
14 July 2013 Need to add priority order for all tasks on this list!
14 July 2013 Need to actually write a How to use the CoB wiki guide ... at 2554 pages, there's lots nobody has any clues about. Use the talent tree index page as an example for different types of sections....

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