Dream dust

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Dream dust
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Tradeable crafting material


The invariable mark of a dream is to see it come true.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson


Dream dust is an uncommon crafting material.

Dream dust is only dropped as loot in Dark oblivion.


There are many types of items you can craft that require the use of the dream dust crafting material.

Item Type Level required Amount of Dream dust
Blue dragonhide tunic Chest armor ajjLevel 99 30
Brain in a bottle Accessory abbLevel 11 250
Genesis pillar Weapon ajaLevel 90 100
Fingers of frost Hand armor ajcLevel 92 20
Grip of madness Hand armor accLevel 21 100
Icegloom Weapon baaLevel 100 500
Insanity belt Belt Level 41 50
Mask of madness Head armor abbLevel 11 100
Necronomicon Accessory agbLevel 61 200
Path of madness Boots abbLevel 11 100
Piebald coffin Coffin ahbLevel 71 200
Staff of discord Weapon adbLevel 31 200
Staff of insanity Weapons ahbLevel 71 400
Staff of madness Weapon afbLevel 51 300



You may occasionally find dream dust left behind as loot when you defeat one of the following creatures:


You may also occasionally find dream dust left behind as loot when you defeat one of the following epic bosses:

Other info


You can trade or give dream dust to another player.

The underground market lets you offer an anonymous trade to any other player who is willing to pay the price you set (Community Blue arrow right.png Underground market).

You can also set up a private trade or a gift using the in-game trade mechanisms (Community Blue arrow right.png Trade or Community Blue arrow right.png Gift).


You cannot disenchant dream dust.


  • 8 May 2011: The dream dust crafting material was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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