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Offensive buff



The discharge proc is an offensive buff proc that gives a chance to deal additional electric damage against an opponent whenever any damage is dealt.


The discharge proc has a percentage chance of occurring.

The discharge proc can be gained multiple times during a battle.


Discharge at: Damage dealt Time period
Level 1 9–14 per round
Level 2 18–28 per round
Level 3 27–42 per round
Level 4 36–56 per round
Level 5 45–70 per round



The discharge proc is associated with the following accessories:


The discharge proc is associated with the static wrath inscription for weapons.

Head armor

The discharge proc is associated with the following pieces of head armor:


The discharge proc is associated with the following mounts:


The discharge proc is a bonus for the following sets when a specific number of set pieces are used simultaneously:

Vampiric powers

The discharge proc is associated with the following vampiric powers:


The discharge proc is associated with the following weapons:

Related feats and procs

The empowered discharge feat of the lightning strike vampiric power is an enhanced version of the discharge proc.

Using discharge

Item Type Level req'd Discharge level
Air totem Servant babLevel 101 4
AV-GT walker Mount aibLevel 81 3
Cyberwarrior Set bonus aeeLevel 44 1
Digital visor Head armor aehLevel 47 1
Electric fire opal Accessory aabLevel 1 3
Electrolance Weapon agfLevel 65 3
Electrowhip Weapon aeiLevel 48 3
Götterdämmerung Weapon acaLevel 20 1
Light arc Weapon adeLevel 34 1
Lightning generator Accessory adiLevel 38 1
Rayden staff Weapon aibLevel 81 4
Redeemer gun Weapon aigLevel 86 3
Replicant gun Weapon afaLevel 50 2
Riftcaller mask Head armor agfLevel 65 2
Static wrath Inscription aabLevel 1 2
Thunderstrike Vampiric power aibLevel 81 1–5
Unstable energy cell Accessory aabLevel 1 2
Virtual visor Head armor aijLevel 89 3
Zapper Weapon ahbLevel 71 3



Among the creatures that may have access to the discharge proc are:

Special event and portal location creatures

The following limited-availability creatures may also gain the discharge proc in battle:

Epic bosses

The bosses that are associated with the discharge proc are:

Coven bosses

The discharge proc can be gained by any coven boss during any battle.


  • 1 June 2010: The discharge proc was included in the first release of Chronicles of Blood.

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