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Director Stiles
Epic bosses-Director styles.jpg
Xeno boss
     Level: 90
Procs-Brainblast.png  Proc: Brainblast level 5
Procs-Cursing icon.png  Proc: Curse level 8
Procs-Disrupt.png  Proc: Disrupt
Procs-Lifeleech icon.png  Proc: Lifeleech level 4
Procs-Mind spike.png  Proc: Mindspike level 5
Procs-Nightfall.png  Proc: Nightfall level 3
Procs-shadowward icon.png  Proc: Nightward level 10
Procs-Parasitism.png  Proc: Parasitism level 3
Feats-Empowered psychic.png  Proc: Psychic scream level 5
Procs-Spellbreaker.png  Proc: Spellbreaker
Procs-Void.png  Proc: Void
Procs-Weak minded.png  Proc: Weak-minded level 2
     Damage type: Psychic



Director Stiles is the chairman of Cyberlabs inc. However, there are no documents about him, it is as if he never existed. He just was there one day.


Creatures-Xeno.png Director Stiles is a xeno epic boss.


Director Stiles can inflict psychic damage on its opponent.


Director Stiles is vulnerable to psychic damage.


Director Stiles may gain the following procs during a battle:

  • Procs-Cursing icon.png  Curse: The curse proc is a disruptive buff that occasionally activates at the beginning of a battle. When it is active, curse reduces the opponent's rage and control for the entire battle. Curse is a level 8 proc on Director Stiles.
  • Procs-Disrupt.png  Disrupt: The disrupt proc is an offensive buff that gives a chance to remove a buff from the opposing player in every combat round.
  • Procs-Mind spike.png  Mindspike: The mindspike proc is an offensive proc that deals periodic psychic damage against an opponent throughout the course of a battle. Mindspike is a level 5 proc on Director Stiles.
  • Procs-Void grau.png  Spellbreaker: The spellbreaker proc is a disruptive proc that gives a chance to prevent an opponent from gaining any feats or procs for one combat round.
  • Procs-Void.png  Void: The void proc disrupts a battle by preventing an opponent from using any feats.


Director Stiles can summon the following creatures to battle on its behalf:



You can only encounter Director Stiles in:


Vanquish Director Stiles in battle, and you may occasionally discover that some of the following items have been left behind as loot:


  • 1 August 2011: The Director Stiles epic boss was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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