Darkcrawler sporebreeder

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Darkcrawler sporebreeder
Creatures-Darkcrawler sporebreeder.jpg
Abominable creature
     Level: *6
     Rarity: Rare
Procs-Envenom icon.png  Deals toxic damage

Procs-Recuperation.png  Proc: Recuperation
Procs-Confuse.png  Proc: Confuse
Procs-Regeneration.png  Proc: Regeneration
Procs-Toughness.png   Proc: Toughness
Procs-Poisonous glands.png  Proc: Poisonous glands
Procs-Blur.png  Proc: Blur
Procs-Revert.png  Proc: Revert
Procs-Ancient blood.png  Proc: Ancient blood
Procs-Flourish.png  Proc: Flourish
Procs-Healing icon.png  Proc: Heal
Procs-Void.png  Proc: Void
Procs-Innoculation.png  Proc: Inoculation
Procs-Spellbreaker.png  Proc: Spellbreaker
Procs-Regeneration.png  Proc: Regeneration
Procs-Envenom icon.png  Proc: Envenom
Procs-Apathy.png  Proc: Apathy
Procs-necrosis.png  Proc: Necrosis
Procs-Infection.png  Proc: Infection
Procs-Bloodbane icon.png  Proc: Bloodbane
Procs-Bloodward.png  Proc: Bloodward



This is one of the smallest darkcrawler species…and paradoxically one of the deadliest. They live in symbiosis with several kinds of fungal species: the darkcrawler sporebreeders provide the nutrients necessary for the growth of the fungi and in turn the multiple fungal species provide the darkcrawler sporebreeders with a whole range of defensive and offensive capabilities. For example they can produce highly hallucinogenic spores that render anyone nearby in an almost comatose state for several days, or they can produce toxic spores that can kill when inhaled. But they are mostly feared for the fact that they can spread spores that causes the flesh to dissolve or to burn when they come into contact with the skin.


Creatures-Abominable.jpg Darkcrawler sporebreeder is an abominable creature.


Darkcrawler sporebreeder can inflict toxic damage on its opponent.


Darkcrawler sporebreeder may gain the following procs during a battle:


Darkcrawler sporebreeder does not have any servants.

Additional info


You can only encounter darkcrawler sporebreeder in the Darkcrawler caverns.


Vanquish darkcrawler sporebreeder in battle, and you may occasionally discover that some of the following items have been left behind as loot:


  • Darkcrawler sporebreeder was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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