Dark templar

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Dark templar
Servants-Dark templar.jpg
     Bloodlust used: 1
     Interception chance: 8%
     Passive attack chance: 5%
     Damage type: Shadow


Determine what specific goal you want to achieve.
Then dedicate yourself to its attainment
with unswerving singleness of purpose,
the trenchant zeal of a crusader.

— Paul J. Meyer


The Dark templar servant is particularly effective against bosses.

Special benefits

The Dark templar increases your chances of receiving PvB (player vs. boss) loot by 2%.

Fighting bosses (PvB/PvCB) costs two less bloodlust


There is no level requirement to use the dark templar servant.

Battle stats

  • The Dark templar servant uses 1 unit of bloodlust per attack.
  • The Dark templar servant has a 5% chance of intercepting an opponent's attack on you.
  • The Dark templar servant has an 8% chance of making a passive attack on an attacker during PvP.


At level 1 the dark templar servant can inflict between 3 and 7 shadow damage on an opponent.

At level 20 the dark templar servant can inflict between 11 and 17 shadow damage on an opponent.

At level 90, the dark templar servant can deal between 34 and 40 shadow damage against an opponent.

Between those two ranges, the dark templar adds 1 to the top and bottom of its damage range every 3 levels.

For more information about the amount of damage the dark templar can inflict at different levels, see the servant damage comparisons table.


The dark templar servant can add the following procs to your setup:



The Dark templar servant can be acquired as a thank-you for making a donation towards the support and future development of Chronicles of Blood in the amount of US $100.00 via Paypal, or an equivalent amount in other currencies and/or payment methods.

You can make a donation on behalf of another player and select a dark templar servant as the thank-you item that other player will receive.


  • 6 August 2010: The dark templar servant was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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