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Dark oblivion is a Lovecraftian-themed portal location that vampires can visit for 24 hours at a time.

After visiting Dark oblivion, you must wait at least 24 hours to visit again.

Environmental proc

Every region has what's known as an environmental proc which is a twist of fate that may damage you or your opponent in each battle.


The environmental proc in Dark oblivion is madness, which can randomly be applied to either participant in a battle. Madness gives a chance to deflect weapon damage back against an opponent.


You must be at least level 11 to purchase or to use a nightmare potion to enable travel to Dark oblivion.


You can acquire a nightmare potion magical item in two different ways:

Travel restrictions

Once you have created a portal to Dark oblivion, by purchasing or receiving a nightmare potion, you can go to the Travel Blue arrow right.png Portal menu and select Dark oblivion when you want to make the trip to Dark oblivion.

You can stay in Dark oblivion for a period of 24 hours after you enter the portal to Dark oblivion. During that 24 hours, you can travel to other locations and portals you have access to, or you can remain in Dark oblivion the entire time.

Once your 24 hours in Dark oblivion are finished, you must wait 24 hours (one full day) until you can again activate a portal. You must acquire a new nightmare potion to create a new portal each time you want to travel back to Dark oblivion.

Portal closing

When the portal to Dark oblivion closes, you are automatically transported to Crows Hill Cemetery.


Creatures-Nas thul headshot.jpg


The creatures you will battle in Dark oblivion are:

Creature Type Strength Health Rarity Damage type Loot
Oblivion cultist Corrupted Level x1 Variable Very common Physical
Hound of Tintalos Bestial Level x2 Variable Common Psychic
Devouring mist Ethereal Level x3 Variable Uncommon Psychic
Forgotten one Abominable Level x4 Variable Scarce Ice
Flame vampire Vampiric Level x6 Variable Rare Fire
Nameless terror Abominable Level x7 Variable Very rare Psychic
Gossoth Demonic Level x8 Variable Epic Psychic
Nas-thul Demonic Level x0 Variable Legendary Psychic

In addition, these creatures and the epic boss described below are each slightly stronger than their level number would suggest. Don't be surprised when they are more aggressive than a normal creature or boss of the same level might be.

Strength levels

The strength level of each creature in Dark oblivion varies based on your own level in the game.

Your vampire's level Creatures' variable levels Creatures' actual levels
Vamp levels 1–10 x1–x10 1–10
Vamp levels 11–20 x1–x10 11–20
Vamp levels 21–30 x1–x10 21–30
Vamp levels 31–40 x1–x10 31–40
Vamp levels 41–50 x1–x10 41–50
Vamp levels 51–60 x1–x10 51–60
Vamp levels 61–70 x1–x10 61–70
Vamp levels 71–80 x1–x10 71–80
Vamp levels 81–90 x1–x10 81–90
Vamp levels 91–100 x1–x10 91–100
Vamp levels 101–110 x1–x10 101–110
Vamp levels 111–120 x1–x10 111–120
Vamp levels 121–130 x1–x10 121–130
Vamp levels 131–140 x1–x10 131–140

Epic bosses

The epic boss you will battle in Dark oblivion is:

Boss Type Strength Health Rarity Damage type Loot
Oblivion emperor Demonic Level x0 Variable Epic Psychic

Coven bosses

There are no coven bosses to battle in Dark oblivion.

Club noir

Club noir gives you access to all of the people and places that can help while you are in Dark oblivion:

Trainer-Rogue forgotten one alone.jpg Merchants-Chaos agent alone.png Coraline.JPG Battlemaster-Ivan the warmonger 150px.jpg Merchants-Jeweller alone.png Merchants-Thaumaturg alone.png

Chaos agent

The chaos agent is the local merchant in Dark oblivion. Reach him by selecting Club noir Blue arrow right.png Merchant from the home screen.

The chaos agent can help you craft or purchase the esoteric items described on his page.

Rogue forgotten one

The Rogue forgotten one is the local trainer for Dark oblivion.

The rogue forgotten one has new servants for you to dominate. To dominate these servants, reach the rogue forgotten one by selecting Club noir Blue arrow right.png Servants from the home screen.

The rogue forgotten one also has quests for you to undertake (and rewards for your success). If you are ready to try a quest, you can do so by selecting Quests Blue arrow right.png Trainer (PvE/PvB) from the main menus.


Learn new skills and grow in power by completing these quests. These quests are all repeatable. See the rogue forgotten one for additional details.


The rogue forgotten one will also help you create one or more of the following ever-lasting servants, once you bring it the appropriate number of words of command:

Coraline's shop

Coraline is the house merchant in Club noir. Reach her by selecting Club noir Blue arrow right.png Coraline from the home screen.

Coraline can sell you blood pearls, joker scrolls, upgrades, ghost ink, travel tokens for some portals, or certain glyphs if you want.

Coraline also offers a variety of services, including the transmutation of blood rubies or blood diamonds into blood sapphires, bloodlust refills, and stat or avatar changes.

Battlemaster's store

Ivan the battlemaster is the trainer and merchant for those specializing in PvP play. You can always get access to the Battlemaster's store and its wares. (Club noir Blue arrow right.png Battlemaster's store).


The jeweler in Club noir can cut your raw amethysts, emeralds, sapphires, and dreadcrystals into specialty gems. You can also purchase pre-cut gems there. (Club noir Blue arrow right.png Jeweler).


The thaumaturge is also in Club noir waiting to create inscriptions or to inscribe a piece of equipment for you.

The thaumaturge can create inscriptions for you at any time. Once you want to add an inscription to a piece of equipment, you must have the item you want inscribed in your setup before you visit the thaumaturge. (Club noir Blue arrow right.png Thaumaturge).


There are multiple types of equipment to find and craft in Dark oblivion. The levels required to use these items ranges from level 11 (the level required to visit Dark oblivion) to level 71.

Item Type Level required Source
Brain-in-a-bottle Accessory abbLevel 11 Chaos agent
Desperation talisman Accessory abbLevel 11 Loot
Grip of madness Hand armor abbLevel 11 Chaos agent
Mask of madness Head armor abbLevel 11 Chaos agent
Necronomicon Accessory ahbLevel 61 Chaos agent
Oblivion crawler Mount adbLevel 31 Chaos agent
Oblivion talisman Accessory abbLevel 11 Loot
Path of madness Boots abbLevel 11 Chaos agent
Staff of discord Weapon adbLevel 31 Chaos agent
Staff of insanity Weapon ahbLevel 71 Chaos agent
Staff of madness Weapon afbLevel 51 Chaos agent
Transcendence talisman Accessory abbLevel 11 Loot


Creatures drop a variety of loot items. Some loot drops are very common; some are very rare.

In Dark oblivion the rarest crafting material loot drop is the essence of the lost one.

Common loot

Among the items that are commonly dropped as loot (in the Dark oblivion and elsewhere) are:

Location-specific loot

Loot items that are only dropped in Dark oblivion are:

Special-occasion loot

On 1–3 June 2011, many of the creatures in Dark oblivion dropped the special blood gecko loot in honor of Chronicles of Blood's first anniversary.


  • 9 May 2011: The Dark oblivion portal location was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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