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Dark Forest is the second PvE location a vampire can access in Chronicles of Blood.


You must be at least level 11 and have acquired the magical item, strange tracks, from Crows Hill Cemetery to be able to travel to Dark Forest.

Environmental proc

Sanctuary of the trees     The environmental proc in Dark Forest is sanctuary of the trees. Sanctuary of the trees periodically (over the course of a battle) offers healing to players and to creatures and bosses (but only to one of them in each battle) in Dark Forest.


Creatures-Swamp lord 150px.jpg Epic bosses-Tasha romanov headshot.jpg Coven bosses-Verdant chaosmage headshot.jpg


The normal creatures you will battle in Dark Forest are:

Creature Type Strength Health Rarity Damage
Wild boar Bestial Level 10 Very common Physical 34 37 52 60
Bloodthirsty wolf Bestial Level 11 Very common Physical 38 39 67 71
Hyena Bestial Level 12 Common Physical 37 39 71 74
Thrilling werewolf Lycanthrope Level 12 Common Physical 39 42 76 79
Will-o-the-whisp Ethereal Level 12 Common Electric 40 43 79 83
Terror bear Bestial Level 13 Uncommon Physical 41 44 81 86
Living tree Abominable Level 14 Scarce Holy 44 47 87 92
Werewolf Lycanthrope Level 15 Rare Physical 48 51 94 100
Velociraptor Bestial Level 16 Rare Physical 49 52 91 96
Forest spirit Ethereal Level 17 Very rare Shadow 51 54 101 110
Sabretooth tiger Bestial Level 18 Epic Physical
The critters Demonic Level 19 Epic Shadow 74 77 149 155
Swamp lord Abominable Level 20 Legendary Physical

Epic bosses

The epic bosses you will battle in Dark Forest are:

Epic boss Type Strength Health Rarity Damage
Tasha, lycan spiritualist Lycanthrope Level 20 3325 Epic Holy 2750 3000 4050 4400

Ivan, alpha werewolf Lycanthrope Level 20 3500 Epic Physical 2750 3000 4050 4400
Pjotr, lycan berserker Lycanthrope Level 20 3400 Epic Physical 2750 3000 4050 4400

Coven bosses

The coven bosses you will battle in Dark Forest are:

Coven boss Type Strength Health Rarity Damage
XP minimum XP maximum Minimum credits Maximum credits Loot
Verdant chaosmage varies Level 20 68,000 Epic varies
Verdant morphling varies Level 20 68,000 Epic varies

Verdant shapeshifter varies Level 20 68,000 Epic varies
Trainers-Tree spirit.jpg


The tree spirit has quests for you to undertake (and rewards for your success) once you have found the verdant roots, the required magical item.


Learn new skills and grow in power by completing quests.

The tree spirit offers the following repeatable quests and can give you additional details, such as the requirements and rewards for each quest.

Earthmend scrolls are only available as a quest reward here.


The tree spirit will also help you create some ever-lasting servants, once you bring him the appropriate number of words of command.


Coraline.JPG Battlemaster-Ivan the warmonger 150px.jpg Merchants-Jeweller alone.png Merchants-Crazy hermit alone.jpg

Coraline's shop

Coraline is the house merchant in Club noir. She has a number of different services available, as well as blood pearls and glyphs for sale.

Some items may be purchased with credits, blood sapphires, or blood badges. The purchase of other items may require a combination of currencies.

Ivan the battlemaster

Ivan the battlemaster is the trainer and merchant for those specializing in PvP play. You can always get access to the Ivan's shop and its wares.

Purchases here may be made with victory points or victory points plus one of the other forms of currency.


The jeweller in Club noir can cut your raw amethysts, emeralds, and sapphires into specialty gems. You can also purchase pre-cut gems there.

Crazy hermit

The Crazy hermit is the local merchant in Dark Forest. He can help you craft or purchase esoteric items.

For crafting projects, you must always bring the appropriate crafting materials along before approaching the crazy hermit.

Equipment first used at levels 11–20

Players at levels 11 through 20 lists all equipment that can first be used by players in the dark forest.


Creatures, epic bosses, and coven bosses drop a variety of loot items. Some loot drops are very common; some are very rare.

In Dark Forest the rarest crafting material dropped as loot by normal creatures is blooming life.

Common loot

Among the items that are commonly dropped as loot (in the Dark Forest and elsewhere are:

Location-specific loot

Loot items that are only dropped in the Dark Forest (or in Dark Forest and one or two other locations) include:

Epic boss loot

Loot items that are only dropped by epic bosses at Dark Forest include:

Loot dropped by many different epic bosses includes:


  • 1 June 2010: Dark Forest was included in the initial release of Chronicles of Blood.

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