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Has my tale turned you speechless?
Come, curse me or kiss me or call me a liar.

— George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords


Curses are procs that affect your opponent, and that increase the amount of damage they take from a particular school of damage.


Curses are gained at the beginning of combat.


The amount of additional damage from a particular damage school caused by a -curse proc varies based on the proc's level:

Curses level Damage
percentage increase
Level 1 +10%
Level 2 +20%
Level 3 +30%
Level 4 +40%
Level 5 +50%


The curses and their damage schools are shown in the following table:

Curse Damage school
Angels' wrath     Angels' wrath
Holy damage
Firecurse     Firecurse
Fire damage
Icecurse     Icecurse
Ice damage
Manacurse     Manacurse
Mystic damage
Paranoia     Paranoia
Psychic damage
Poisoncurse     Poisoncurse
Toxic damage
Shadowcurse     Shadowcurse
Shadow damage
Slayer     Slayer
Physical damage
Stormcurse     Stormcurse
Electric damage
True aim     True aim
Ballistic damage

Resisting a -curse

You have two main choices when you are trying to resist one of the curses procs:

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