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Status effect



Cowering is a status effect that is gained at the start of a combat round when an opponent applies the fury proc.
Certain procs and feats can cause cowering, while others can deal damage against an opponent only when that opponent is under the status effect.
The revert proc has a chance of reversing the action of fury and removing the cowering status effect.


Cowering may be gained multiple times during a battle.

Related procs and feats

Once someone has the cowering status, there are several damaging procs that may be used against them:

Equipment and usage info

Different types of equipment can set an opponent to cowering status, or affect it once it has gained the cowering status:

Item Type Creating the
cowering status
Using the
cowering status
Using the
cowering status
Gargantuan anaconda Mount Fury



Any creature can acquire the cowering status if the appropriate trigger proc is gained by the player.

Epic bosses

Any epic boss may acquire the cowering status during a battle.

Coven bosses

Any coven boss may acquire the cowering status during a battle.


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