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The cow oracle is the merchant in the red pastures. The cow oracle sometimes, but not always, sells particularly exotic items.

And, of course, the cow oracle is the go-to person when you need help crafting a specialty item.


You must find the golden cowbell magical item to be able to visit the cow oracle and take advantage of her services.

Doing business

The cow oracle will help you with your craft projects once you have acquired all the necessary crafting materials and have reached the appropriate level.

Crafted items

Visit the cow oracle to craft the following:

Item Type Level Crafting materials required
Forked-up forke Accessory Level 11
Genesis pillar Weapon Level 90
Hell's bell Accessory Level 11
Piebald boots Boots Level 1
Piebald cloak Accessory Level 11
Piebald coffin Coffin Level 71
Red buttermilk injector Accessory Level 11
Voodoo cow doll Accessory Level 11


  • 8 November 2010: The Cow oracle was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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