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Coven bosses
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Like epic bosses, coven bosses must be individually summoned to a battle. Unlike epic bosses, you can have more than one coven boss battle ongoing at any time.

Coven bosses allow a maximum of 20 vampires who have to work together to bring down each boss. Everyone in the group must battle a coven boss to help defeat it and get the rewards; every participant is restricted in how much damage they can inflict on their own for most of the 3 day boss timer. Participants are allowed to do some additional damage when 18 hours are left, but ideally it will take at least 15 participants doing their full allowance of damage to defeat any boss.

Coven bosses can morph, or change their appearance and abilities, meaning that each coven boss will always have a different set of powers and abilities, and no two coven boss battles will be exactly alike. That said, we have gathered some information about certain coven boss vulnerabilities.

Coven bosses can drop blood badges which can be used to buy certain weapons that buff your friends in battle and that have sockets for gems, ghost ink for inscriptions, and other items. Note, however, that if you do too little damage to the boss you will not get any rewards; try to do at minimum 50% of your allowed damage limit to get something.

The list

Known coven bosses include:

Verdant coven boss

In the Dark Forest the verdant coven boss may appear as:

Ghostly coven boss

In McCloud Manor the ghostly coven boss may appear as:

Tainted coven boss

In the Underground Sewers the tainted coven boss may appear as:

Robotic coven boss

In Cyberlabs inc. the robotic coven boss may appear as:

Corrupted coven boss

In Oldtown the corrupted coven boss may appear as:

Icy coven boss

In Mount Messmer the icy coven boss may appear as:

Toxic coven boss

In the Abandoned industrial complex the toxic coven boss may appear as:       

Venomous coven boss

In the dread jungle the venomous coven boss may appear as:

Infernal coven boss

In the Infernal planes the infernal coven boss may appear as:

Oceanic coven boss

In the Underwater city the oceanic coven boss may appear as:

Deceptive coven boss

In the Dust devil desert the deceptive coven boss may appear as:

Sanguine coven boss

In the Blood altar the sanguine coven boss may appear as:

Necrotic coven boss

In the Crows Hill Cemetery NM mode
the Necrotic coven boss may appear as:

Sylvan coven boss

In the Dark Forest Sanctuary NM mode
the Sylvan coven boss may appear as:

Coven boss vulnerabilities

If your coven boss deals: That coven boss
is vulnerable to:
That coven boss
is immune to:
Ballistic damage Electric damage Fire damage Coven bosses dealing ballistic damage may gain fireward (10) or (20).
Electric damage Mystic damage Ballistic damage Coven bosses dealing electric damage may gain blur (10) or (20).
Fire damage Ballistic damage Ice damage Coven bosses dealing fire damage may gain iceward (10) or (20).
Holy damage Physical damage Shadow damage Coven bosses dealing holy damage may gain nightward (10) or (20).
Ice damage Fire damage Toxic damage Coven bosses dealing ice damage may gain inoculation (10) or (20).
Mystic damage Shadow damage Electric damage Coven bosses dealing mystic damage may gain grounding (10) or (20).
Psychic damage Toxic damage Physical damage Coven bosses dealing psychic damage may gain resilience (10) or (20).
Physical damage Psychic damage Holy damage Coven bosses dealing physical damage may gain blasphemy (10) or (20).
Shadow damage Holy damage Mystic damage Coven bosses dealing shadow damage may gain mystic resistance (10) or (20).
Toxic damage Ice damage Psychic damage Coven bosses dealing toxic damage may gain nerves of steel (10) or (20).


  • 6 December 2010: Coven bosses are added to Chronicles of Blood.
  • 18 January 2011: Level 70 coven bosses (2 of them) are released.
  • 27 January 2011: The last level 70 coven boss is released.
  • 22 February 2011: The level 80 coven bosses are released.
  • 1 August 2011: The level 90 coven bosses are released.
  • 25 February 2012: The level 100 coven bosses at the summit of Mount Messmer became available.
  • 8 May 2014: The level 130 coven bosses became available

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