Compact machine pistol

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Compact machine pistol
Weapons-Compact machine pistol.jpg
Bound ballistic rifle-type weapon
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 37
     Rage required: 26
Procs-Hail of bullets.png     Ballistic damage:
Procs-Hail of bullets.png  Proc: Hail of bullets level 2
Procs-Lifebane.png  Proc: Lifebane level 2
Procs-Trauma.png  Proc: Trauma level 3



When the going gets tough, the tough get an uzi.

— Axl Rose


A compact machine pistol is a bound ballistic damage rifle-type weapon.


You must be at least level 37 and have at least 26 rage points to craft and use the compact machine pistol.

Sockets and gems

A compact machine pistol has a total of one socket for gems:


The compact machine pistol has the ability to inflict between 23 and 37 ballistic damage on an opponent in each round of a battle.


The compact machine pistol has the following procs associated with it:



You must craft compact machine pistol with the assistance of Black market dealer, the merchant in Oldtown.

Crafting materials

To craft the compact machine pistol you must collect:


You cannot trade or give the compact machine pistol to another player.


You can disenchant the compact machine pistol.

You can expect to receive between 45 and 75 blood rubies when you disenchant and destroy the compact machine pistol.


  • 3 June 2010: The compact machine pistol was included in the first release of Chronicles of Blood.

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