Cobra staff

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Cobra staff
Weapons-Cobra staff.jpg
Bound toxic staff-style weapon
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 70
     Rage required: 50
     Control required: 52
     Constitution required: 24
Procs-Blood fever icon.png  Toxic damage: 39–59
Procs-Blood fever icon.png  Proc: Blood fever level 5
Procs-Dispel.png  Proc: Dispel
Procs-Lifeleech icon.png  Proc: Lifeleech level 3
Procs-necrosis.png  Proc: Necrosis level 2
Procs-Toxic debuff.png  Proc: Poisoncurse level 1
Procs-Stun.png  Proc: Stun

     Crafting 25 blood sapphires 


Those who charm scorpions and handle snakes
only brand themselves with their own hands.

— Sri Guru Granth Sahib


The cobra staff is a toxic staff-class weapon.

Special abilities

The cobra staff increases your chance of hitting your opponent by 4%.

The cobra staff also increases your chance of making a critical hit on your opponent by 3%.


You must be at least level 70 and have at least 50 rage points, 52 control points and 24 constitution points to craft and use the cobra staff.

Sockets and gems

A cobra staff has a total of three sockets for gems:


The cobra staff has the ability to deal between 39 and 59 toxic damage against an opponent in each round of a battle.


The cobra staff has the following procs associated with it:

  • Procs-Stun.png  Stun: The stun proc is a defensive buff that causes an opponent to lose the ability to attack for one round of a battle.



You must craft the cobra staff with the assistance of the cultist of Seth, the merchant in the Dust devil desert.


The cobra staff can be used to craft another, more advanced weapon, the Scylla's scimitar.

To craft the Scylla's scimitar you must be at least level 70 and collect the cobra staff and deliver it to the Captain Dick Ryder in Lost Island along with the weapon's crafting materials.

Crafting materials

To craft the cobra staff you must pay 25 blood sapphires and collect and deliver to the cultist of Seth the following:


You cannot trade or give a cobra staff to another player.


You cannot disenchant a cobra staff.


  • 17 November 2010: The cobra staff was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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