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The cobra sage is the trainer in dust devil desert.


You must collect the cobra fang magical item in dust devil desert before you can visit the cobra sage.



The cobra sage offers the following quests in the Dust devil desert:

Name Requirements Rewards
Quests-Carry on carrion.jpg Carry on carrion! 20 wicked vultures 1x Scroll: Cobra stare
6000 XP
5000 credits
Quests-Dust in the wind.jpg Dust in the wind 12 Dust demons 1x Scroll: Sanctuary in the sands
6000 XP
5000 credits
Quests-Stalk like an egyptian.jpg Stalk like an Egyptian 7 Vampiric pharaohs 1x Shield of the burning sands
7000 XP
6000 credits
Quests-Sands of time.jpg Sands of time 3 Sandrines 2x Scroll: Eye of Horus


The cobra sage can also help you dominate certain servants when you bring it the correct number of words of command for that servant:


  • 17 November 2010: The cobra sage was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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