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By playing Chronicles of Blood you are agreeing to abide by the terms of service and by the Facebook Terms of Service.

The Terms of Service are liable to change to meet new elements within the game, so please ensure that you check these regularly to be kept informed of the rules. The in-game Terms of Service will always have the most recent version of the ToS.

Terms of service

Rule No. Rule
1 By playing Chronicles of Blood, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Service and any other rules set by Diviad (the developers of CoB).
2 You must be at least 13 years of age to play Chronicles of Blood. If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, you must ask your parent or legal guardian to review and agree that you will follow the Terms of Service.
3 Please be respectful to your fellow players at all times. Bad language or abuse will not be tolerated for ANY reason.
4 Do not try to cheat or scam other players. We will take action against you.
5 Facebook states that you cannot have more than one FB account. You agree to abide by all of Facebook's Terms of Service and Community standards.
6 You can play CoB on more than one platform if you want to try different styles of play (FB or FB-connect is one platform, Kongregate is a second platform, etc.)
7 You agree not to use ANY external web sites or tools that affect the way the game is played. This also includes self-written tools such as scripts and macros.
8 We do not allow any player to lower their defense/attack on purpose or ask other players to lower their defense/attack for PvP.
9 We do not permit the selling of virtual Chronicles of Blood items for real money or virtual credits (these include but are not limited to Cherry Credits or other types of online currency).
10 We are not responsible for the actions of any support group within the CoB communities, although we welcome the work of all the support groups.
11 We welcome ALL players and try to treat everyone the same. Being a donator does not give you permission to break the rules.
12 You may use images from the game in your own Facebook profile, except for the images belonging to a member of the Chronicles of Blood staff (including moderators).
13 The Terms of Service may change as new content is added to CoB. Please review the ToS regularly.
14 Any player who in found in breach of the Terms of Service may be suspended, removed from the game, or face other sanctions at the discretion of the developers and moderators.
15 All purchases of in-game items made through our service are non-refundable. This includes purchases made using virtual currencies.
16 Donations made using e-checks must clear into our accounts before any thank-you items are credited to your account. The time it takes for an e-check to clear will vary depending on your location. If you have questions, please contact one of the moderators for help.
17 If you do not receive a thank-you item for a donation, please contact one of the game moderators for help.

Breach of ToS

Any player found in breach of the Terms of service may be warned, suspended or removed from the game at the moderators' discretion. Other sanctions may also be applied.

If you know of anyone breaching the Terms of Service, please report it to a staff member as soon as possible.


The game moderators are:

  • Elaine M. Brennan (link to facebook page ) Elaine on the forum and Discord chat
  • Nancy Stowe (link to facebook page ) Sultana on the forum and Discord chat

You can access the Chronicles of Blood forum and the discord chat through the following links:


  • 2 June 2010: CoB Terms of Service created, adapted from an Andi Huller message board post.
  • 7 August 2010: Updated to new mod structure.
  • 26 November 2018: Updated to new mod structure.

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