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The Club noir jeweller is the place you can:

  • have the gem stones that you have found cut into precious gems in the lapidary section or
  • purchase a gem of your choice from the exquisite selection of pre-cut gems of extraordinary quality in the shop.


Club noir jeweller accepts a variety of currencies, depending on the item you wish to buy:

Some gems require a combination of currencies to purchase.

Cutting gems (lapidary)

The art and practice of gemstone cutting is known as lapidary. With consummate skill, the lapidarist can turn a rough mineral fragment or water worn pebble into a sparkling and valuable gem. The techniques used have been developed over many centuries and these skills, when combined with modern techniques, allow gems to be cut to obtain the very best effects from each mineral's inherent attributes or special optical characteristics. There are 3 types of gems that you can ask the lapidarist to cut for you:


In the shop section of the club noir jeweller, you can purchase pre-cut gems, but they will cost you dearly.

Pre-cut gems

The following pre-cut gems are available from the Club noir jeweller:

Gem Cost Benefit Image
Avenging sapphire 5 Blood sapphires
250 Victory points
Retribution 1 Sockets-Avenging sapphire socket.png
Gloomy emerald 400 Blood sapphires
750 Victory points
Void Sockets-Gloomy emerald socket.png
Taunting sapphire 400 Blood sapphires
1000 Victory points
1 less bloodlust in PvP Sockets-Taunting sapphire socket.png
Warding emerald 5 Blood sapphires
250 Victory points
Bloodward 1 Sockets-Warding emerald socket.png
Deadly amethyst 5 Blood sapphires
250 Victory points
Bloodbane 1 Sockets-Brutal amethyst socket.png


  • 6 December 2010: The club noir jeweller was added to Chronicles of Blood.
  • 12 April 2012: Page contents updated to go along with the strawberries.

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