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Damage procs

Direct damage

Direct damage (sometimes referred to as "(DD)" procs deal all their damage in one hit.

Some of these procs can activate in more than one round of a battle.

Direct damage (DD) examples

Burst damage

Burst damage (BD) procs inflict all their damage in one large burst. They are similar to direct damage procs, but they inflict larger amounts of damage.

Some of these procs can activate in more than one round of a battle.

Burst damage (BD) examples

Periodic damage

Periodic damage procs and feats (referred to in some games and environments as "damage over time" or "DoT") inflict damage in every round of a battle after they have been activated.

These procs activate only once during each battle for each source of the proc in a setup.

If there is more than one source for a particular periodic damage proc in a setup and if that proc activates, the damage done by those procs will be added together (sometimes referred to as the procs stacking).

Periodic damage examples

Healing procs

Direct heal

Direct heal feats and procs recover all of the user's blood (health) when activated.

These procs may activate in more than one round per hunt.

Direct heal (DH) examples

Periodic healing

Procs that deliver periodic healing (sometimes referred to as "healing over time" or "HoT") recover some blood in each round of a hunt after they activate.

These procs will activate only once during each battle for each source that has the proc associated with it.

If more than one source of a particular periodic healing proc is activated in a hunt, the healing done by those procs will be added together (the procs stack).

Periodic healing examples


Offensive buff

Offensive buff procs typically do not inflict damage themselves. Instead, they amplify other sources of damage.

Offensive buff examples

Defensive buff

Defensive buff procs reduce or avoid damage inflicted by the opponent.

Defensive buff examples


Anti-procs are those that give the item or creature they are associated with a vulnerability to certain kinds of damage. These procs include Holy vulnerability, etc.

Mixed case procs

Some procs may belong to more than one category at a time, such as curse. A curse proc reduces the rage and control of an opponent, allowing the user to inflict more damage on the opponent while receiving less damage. Curse would thus be an offensive/defensive buff.

Procs associated with different creature types

Abominable creatures-related
Bestial creatures-related
Corrupted creatures-related
Lycanthrope creatures
Undead creatures-related
Righteous creatures-related
Vampiric creatures-related

Procs associated with different types of damage

Electric damage procs
Fire damage procs
Ice damage procs
Physical damage procs
Shadow damage procs
Toxic damage procs

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