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The chatroom is an additional resource available to players.

You can reach the chatroom through the in-game Community Blue arrow right.png Chatroom link.

In the chatroom, you can chat (type) real-time with other players, ask questions, share information, occasionally win game-related prizes, and, the staff hopes, have a good time.

The staff of the chatroom thinks of it as an extension of their living rooms, and so have a few rules in place (just as they would in their physical living rooms).

If somebody in your life wants everybody to take their shoes off before entering the house, we presume that you'd leave your muddy boots at the door.

The chatroom staff asks that you observe the same types of common courtesy when joining the chatroom.

Virtual equivalents of "muddy boots" can include specific topics or types of conversation. The ops on duty at any particular time can ask that you remove a particular muddy boot, or topic of conversation, from the chatroom space, or that you take it to a private message.


Should you have any questions about a specific rule, or about how a particular rule is handled, please contact Elaine Brennan.

The most important rule is, Please have fun. The chatroom can be a great place to chat with others who also love Chronicles of Blood.

General standards

  • Items in the ToS that apply specifically to the forums (such as no cross-app trading) also apply to the chatroom.
  • The minimum age to join the chatroom is 13. FB rules specify that people should be 13 to have a FB account (it doesn't matter how many people everybody knows who are younger than 13 with FB accounts). Please keep your language and topics — and your chat name — suitable for a general audience.
  • Respect your fellow chatters. If someone asks you to stop talking to them, or says that a topic makes them uncomfortable, please comply with that request or change the topic.


  • The chatroom is setup specifically for discussion of Chronicles of Blood. That does not mean that you can only talk about Chronicles of Blood, but it should be a primary focus.
  • If you want to have an extended discussion about another game, this chatroom is not the right place to do so. Glancing references to other games for comparison purposes or to ask a question about gameplay is fine.

Language usage

  • No racial, sexual or abusive comments will be tolerated. {You may not intend a comment to be abusive, but other people may not hear it or read it in the same way. Listen to the ops if they warn you about your comments.)
  • Rude and crude language (including swearing and profanity) is unwelcome. Ops may ask you to change your nickame, refrain from using certain terms, or ask you to change the discussion topic. Please abide by those requests. If you ignore such requests or warnings, you will be kicked from the chatroom.
Context is always important in making judgments about whether language is appropriate.

"Profanity" is often defined as language that is grossly offensive to the people who are actually exposed to it. In this instance, that means the chatroom and its anticipated participants.

There is nothing wrong with sexually explicit nicknames per se or with other suggestive nicknames or conversation. They are not, however, appropriate for this particular chatroom and you will be asked to change them.

There are other places online where that type of language is encouraged or expected. If you want to indulge in that type of language usage, other chatrooms may be more appropriate.
  • The language of the chatroom is English. This means you should use English for all conversation in the chatroom. It does not mean that you should chastise people who use a single word in another language (particularly if it is a common word or phrase, such as "bonjour!")


You can post your bosses and boost links in chat if and only if you follow these guidelines:

  • You must chat with others before and after posting your boss or assist link. Take the five minutes to socialize with the people who are helping you meet your in-game objective.
  • Posting a link and immediately leaving is against the rules (and counter-productive). The staff will then encourage other chatters to ignore your link.
  • You must wait at least 30 minutes to re-post a link you have previously posted.
  • New links can be posted without needing to wait 30 minutes.
  • During special events or large giveaways, you may be asked not to post assist links for a period of time. Please abide by these requests.

You can ask if other chatters are willing to join your team no more than once every two hours. If people are willing to join your team, you may post your fb profile link either in the chatroom or in personal messages with one or two other players, depending on how busy things are.

Do not post non-game related links or facebook links other than described above in chat. You can ask an op for permission to post a specific link outside of these guidelines. If you ask an op for permission, please wait to hear back from the op before posting the link.

You will receive a warning or a reminder from an op if they notice a problem with the links you are posting.

Warnings, kicks and bans

The chatrooms are protected by ops. Please pay attention to what the ops say and obey any requests they make of you.

At their discretion ops can:

  • Issue a warning. An explicit warning will include the info that this is a warning, and explaining the problem with something you have said or done.
  • Kick you or ban you from the chatroom. See below for a discussion of the difference between a kick and a ban.

If you dislike an op's decision about something, send your complaint to Elaine Brennan.

Please note: A kick is not a ban. A kick from the chatroom essentially means, "Hey! You're not paying attention to something important! Pay attention when an op talks to you!") You can (and should feel free to) rejoin the chatroom immediately after a kick.


Repeat offenders and breakers of the chatroom rules will be banned. Bans can be 24 hours, 48 hours, or longer, depending on the severity of the offense.

The ops on duty make these calls based on the context of the conversation at the time.

Disagreeing with a kick or ban

If you disagree with the reasoning behind a warning, kick or ban, you can complain to Elaine Brennan, who will review the incident. If logs and discussion reveal an error in the handling of the incident, she may override or shorten a ban, or otherwise suggest different ways of handling a particular type of incident or problem.

Giveaways and fun

The chat ops do random (meaning, can occur at any time during the day and may or may not be announced in advance) giveaways.

Giveaway rules are fairly simple:

  • You must be in the chatroom to take part in the giveaway.
  • Do not post the giveaway question outside the chatroom. You are welcome to publicize the fact that there is a giveaway, but do not post the actual question publicly or give the answer to someone who is not in the chatroom.
  • Don't enter a giveaway if you already have the prize being offered.
  • Don't blurt the answer to a giveaway question in the chatroom. Use the Answerbox link provided.
  • You get one chance to answer each question. Read the question carefully before you answer.
  • Chat prizes are non-transferrable (you can't win and then give the prize to someone else).
  • Chat prizes are also not exchangeable (you can't win a prize and then ask for something else instead).
  • Unless otherwise stated, giveaway winners will be chosen by selecting one person among the correct answerers using

Giveaway process

The op running the giveaway will post:

  • a link to the Answerbox
  • reminders
    • do not answer the question in the chatroom
    • submitting multiple answers to a questions will disqualify you from the giveaway
  • The question
  • A time-limit for answering the question

For more difficult questions, this information will be posted repeatedly during the giveaway time period.

Giveaway questions and answers

The answers to many giveaway questions can be found in the wiki.

There is always more than one route you can take to find a particular kind of information. The wiki pages that are all related to a single topic will often have small differences among them. The emphasis on different pages may be different. This fact can cause reasonable people to disagree with each other about what the "correct" answer is.

If there is a conflict between two wiki pages, players who give either of those answers will be included in the random drawing.

Link postings during giveaways

Particularly when the chatroom is very busy, an op may request that you not post boost or monster links during the giveaway.

If you don't win

Please be polite and congratulate the winner.

If you have a question about a giveaway process or an answer and disagree with the op who is running the giveaway, you first step should be to talk with one of the senior ops:

A disagreement should, if at all possible, be taken to a private message, since it is difficult to have an extended discussion with someone when the thread of the conversation can become lost in other comments.

Please remember that we do a lot of giveaways and that you will have other chances to win, as long as you keep coming in to chat.

Other chatrooms

You can also join chatrooms for the other Diviad games:

If you type the #ChannelName you have to double click it to join (using the default Mibbit client) and alternatively you can use the irc command "/join #ChannelName" without the quotes (as it's a server command, it won't be shown in the public channels; example: /join #ghosttrappers).

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