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The chaos agent is the merchant in Dark oblivion. The chaos agent sometimes sells particularly exotic items to intrepid ghost trappers.

And, of course, the chaos agent is the go-to person when you need help crafting a specialty item.


You must find the "Coon" comic book magical item as loot in Dark oblivion before you can visit and do business with the chaos agent.

You can only visit dark oblivion and see the chaos agent for 24 hours at a time. After that, you must leave for at least another 24 hours.

Doing business

The chaos agent will help you with your craft projects once you have acquired all the necessary crafting materials and have reached the appropriate level:

Crafted items

Visit the Chaos agent to craft the following:

Item Type Level Requirements Crafting materials required
Brain-in-a-bottle Accessory Level 1
Grip of madness Hand armor Level 1
Mask of madness Head armor Level 1
Necronomicon Accessory Level 61 26 control
Oblivion crawler Mount Level 31
Path of madness Boots Level 1
Staff of discord Weapon Level 31 26 control
Staff of insanity Weapon Level 71 35 rage
35 control
Staff of madness Weapon Level 51 34 rage


  • 9 May 2011: The chaos agent was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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