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Captain Dick Ryder is the local merchant for the Underwater city and for the Lost Island portal.

Captain Dick Ryder can sell esoteric and exotic gear to intrepid vampires, and can often also help you craft particular specialty items.


You can visit and do business with Captain Dick Ryder as soon as you enter the Underwater city or the Lost Island portal, but please remember—Captain Ryder is used to dealing with vamps at level 110 and while he does have some mervchandise for lower-level vamps, the bulk of his offerings are at the higher levels.

Doing business

Captain Dick Ryder will help you with your craft projects once you have acquired all the necessary crafting materials and have reached the appropriate level.

Crafted weapons

Visit Captain Dick Ryder to craft the following:

Item Weapon
Level Rage Control Constitution Credit cost Blood sapphire
Crafting materials
Coral dagger Dagger Shadow damage Level 117 55 1,000,000 50
Kraken staff Staff Psychic damage Level 116 60 2,000,000 100
Neptune's fury Hammer Electric damage Level 120 115 3,000,000 250
Tidebringer Sword Psychic damage Level 118 110 3,000,000 125
Trident of Chrysaor Polearm Fire damage Level 119 117 1,000,000

Crafted coffin, mount, accessories, armor

Craft the following specialty items with the assistance of Captain Dick Ryder:

Item Type Level Rage Control Constitution Credit cost Blood sapphire
Crafting materials
Abyssal seahorse Mount Level 120 3,000,000 100
Ame no ohabari Hand armor Level 116 109 100,000
Atlantean diving suit Chest armor Level 119 80 1,000,000
Atlantean helmet Head armor Level 113 75 100,000
Atlantean webbed gloves Hand armor Level 116 110 100,000
Coral sarcophagus Coffin Level 115 1,000,000
Coral sigil Accessory Level 120
Kagutsuchi robes Chest armor Level 118 77 500,000
Dragonflame sash Belt Level 115 50 100,000
Medusa shield Accessory Level 120 3,000,000 1,000
Poseidon's chestplate Chest armor Level 120 80 5,000,000 2,000
Starfish shield Accessory Level 119 55 1,000,000
Zori Boots Level 113 75 100,000

For sale

Captain Dick Ryder also has the following specialty items available for sale in the Underwater City.

He currently has no items for sale in the Lost Island portal.

Item Type Damage type Level Rage Control Constitution Credits Blood sapphires Blood badges
Minoan chestplate Chest armor Level 117 77 4,000
Pirate garments Chest armor Level 112 114 2,500
Shark killer Weapon (missile-type) Ballistic damage Level 116 76 300,000 3,000
Staff of the sea nymph Weapon (staff-type) Electric damage Level 118 57 4,000
Underwater assault rifle Weapon (rifle-class) Electric damage Level 114 75 3.000


  • 17 June 2013: Captain Dick Ryder was added to Chronicles of Blood.
  • 14 March 2016: Captain Dick Ryder became the merchant for the Lost Island portal as well as for the Underwater city.

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