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Boots of darkness
Boots-Boots of darkness.jpg
Bound foot and leg armor
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 125
     Constitution required: 70
     Absorbs: 8 – 10 damage
Procs-Damnation icon.png  Proc: Damnation level 2
Procs-Bloodward.png  Proc: Bloodward level 4
Procs-Resilience.png  Proc: Resilience level 2
Procs-necrosis.png  Proc: Necrosis level 3
Procs-Disrupt.png  Proc: Disrupt

     Crafting 1000 blood sapphires&
10,000 victory points 


All the things that I find beautiful have a darkness about them.

— Paloma Faith


The boots of darkness are armor designed to protect the feet and legs.

Passive abilities

The boots of darkness increases your maximum blood by 150. The boots of darkness also increases the chance you will make a critical hit on an opponent by 2%.


You must be at least level 125 and have at least 70 constitution points to craft and use the boots of darkness.

Defensive support

The boots of darkness can absorb between 8 and 10 damage in each round of a battle.

Sockets and gems

A pair of boots of darkness has a total of two socket for gems:


You can enchant the boots of darkness with any of the defiance inscriptions for boots. The defiance inscriptions allow you to inscribe your boots of darkness with a defensive buff that protects you against direct damage from one specific school of damage.


You may gain one or more of the following procs while wearing the boots of darkness:

Necrosis is a level 3 proc on a pair of boots of darkness.

Resilience is a level 2 proc on a pair of boots of darkness.

  • Procs-Disrupt.png  Disrupt: The disrupt proc is an offensive buff that gives a chance to remove a buff from the opposing player in every combat round.

Bloodward is a level 4 proc on a pair of boots of darkness.

Damnation is a level 2 proc on a pair of boots of darkness.


A pair of boots of darkness can be combined with one or more of the following items to form the set The death knight:

Accessory Amulet of pain
Chest (body) armor Doom plate
Hand armor Gauntlets of despair
Head armor Dark bascinet

When two or more set items are used together, your entire set-up receives an additional bonus. See The death knight page or the sets page for more information about those bonuses.

Additional information


You must craft the scale gloves hand armor with the assistance of the battlemaster.

Crafting materials

To craft the boots of darkness boots you must collect and deliver to the battlemaster 1000 blood sapphires, 10,000 victory points, and the following crafting materials:

  • 10  
Truesilver tokens
  • 10  
Scale tokens


You cannot trade or give a pair of boots of darkness to another player.


  • 17 April 2014: The boots of darkness were added to Chronicles of Blood.

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