Book of lost runes

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Book of lost runes
Accessories-Book of lost runes.jpg
Bound accessory
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 115
Procs-Dispel.png  Proc: Dispel
Procs-Dracostrike.png  Proc: Dracostrike level 6
Procs-Manastorm.png  Proc: Manastorm level 4
Procs-Netherbolt.png  Proc: Netherbolt level 5
Procs-Nethershock.png  Proc: Nethershock level 6
Procs-Rift repercussions.png  Proc: Rift repercussions
Procs-Shield.png  Proc: Shield level 3
Procs-Spellbreaker.png  Proc: Spellbreaker



Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
(In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.)

— H.P. Lovecraft (The Call of Cthulhu)


The book of lost runes is a bound accessory.


You must be at least level 115 to craft and use the book of lost runes.


You may gain one or more of the following procs when the book of lost runes is part of your active setup:

  • Procs-Shield.png  Shield: The shield proc is a defensive buff that reduces incoming damage from vampiric creatures (or from other players in PvP) for the remainder of combat. Shield is a level 3 proc on a book of lost runes.
  • Procs-Void grau.png  Spellbreaker: The spellbreaker proc is a disruptive proc that gives a chance to prevent an opponent from gaining any feats or procs for one combat round.


A book of lost runes can be combined with the following item to form the set Mystic mists:

Accessory Scepter of the cow queen

When both set items are used together, your entire set-up receives an additional bonus. See the Mystic mists page for more information about that bonus.

Additional info


You must craft the book of lost runes accessory with the assistance of the quartermaster, the local merchant in the Vangoth castle portal.

Crafting materials

To craft a book of lost runes, you must collect and deliver to the quartermaster the following crafting materials:

Fel leather
  • 30  
Bovine leather
  • 100  
Ghost plasma
  • 40  
Necronomicon pages
  • 20  
Ghost ink
  • 100  
  • 50  
  • 5  
Rune tokens
  • 1  
Book of spells
  • 1  
Amethyst gryphon feather


You cannot trade or give a book of lost runes to another player.


You cannot disenchant a book of lost runes.


You cannot remove a book of lost runes from your inventory by scrapping it for credits.


  • 16 September 2013: The book of lost runes accessory was added to Chronicles of Blood.
  • 4 August 2014: Requirements were reduced from 10 to 5 tokens.

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