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Your vampire is a newly-awakened vampire that finds itself in Club noir, a trendy goth hangout. There are several things you know about your vamp, including some attributes that you can alter over the course of the game.

Stat points

Each time you level up, you gain stat points that you can allocate to increase one of three basic attributes for your vampire: rage, constitution, and control.


Rage is an offensive statistic; the amount of rage points you have affects the amount of damage you can deal against an opponent.


Constitution affects the amount of blood your vampire has. The amount of blood affects your chances to resist damage inflicted by an opponent, including damage from feats, procs, and vampiric powers.


Control is a defensive statistic; the number of control points you have affects the amount of damage you can absorb (how effective your armor is).

Allocating stat points

Allocating stat points is a topic that requires a certain amount of discussion on its own.

Consolidated stat point requirements

The consolidated stat point requirements page allows you to easily compare and contrast the stats required across the three different attributes.



Blood represents your health and your ability to fight creatures, bosses, and other players in Chronicles of Blood.

Depending on what equipment you choose, your total available blood can be increased, or it can be used more slowly, or regenerate more quickly than normal.


Your desire to hunt (or, the resource that determines whether you are able to hunt or attack).

Bloodlust regenerates over time.



Bloodshield is an additional defense you can choose to raise once in each battle. It deflects an attack from an opponent in the round that you activate it (the first attack after you activate the bloodshield).

If your opponent gains chain attack in a round where you activate your bloodshield, only the first attack made after the bloodshield is activated will be deflected by your bloodshield. Any additional attacks in that round will not be deflected.

Bloodshield costs you one piece of bait each time you raise it.

Blood diamonds also increase the bloodshield — in other words, they help your vampire absorb more damage than other baits.



As you fight other creatures, go on quests, and accomplish other tasks, your vampire gains experience points, also known as XP. As your vamp gains XP, your level also will increase and you will gain two additional talent points to allocate among rage, control, and constitution.


As you fight other creatures, go on quests, and accomplish other tasks, your vampire gains credits, one of the items of currency in Chronicles of Blood

Victory points

Victory points can only be gained through PvP play.

You gain victory points by beating players who are at the same or a higher level than you are.

Some items from Ivan the battlemaster can only be purchased using victory points.


  • 1 June 2010: Chronicles of Blood was first released and the first vampires explored outside of Club noir.

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