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Offensive buff



The bloodbane proc is an offensive buff that can increase the damage dealt against vampiric creatures and against other players in PvP.

The bloodbane proc does not affect vampiric epic bosses and coven bosses.


The bloodbane proc may be gained when damage is inflicted against vampiric creatures or against other players in PvP.


The amount of additional damage that occurs varies by the bloodbane proc's level:

Level Additional damage percentage
Level 1 +5% of final damage amount
Level 2 +10% of final damage amount
Level 3 +15% of final damage amount
Level 4 +20% of final damage amount
Level 5 +25% of final damage amount


The bloodbane proc compound stacks with other damage-enhancing procs and with curses.

Compound stacking means that the amount of damage done is calculated based on multiplying the various damage percentages rather than simply adding them together. This means that the amount of damage you do can increase very quickly when the bloodbane proc is paired with other damage-enhancing procs in your setup.

Related procs and feats

The feat bloodhunt is an enhanced version of the bloodbane proc.

Equipment and usage info

You may gain the bloodbane proc in battle if you use one or more of the following pieces of equipment:

Item Type Level req'd Bloodbane level
Ace of spades card Accessory aabLevel 1 1
Adamantium sigil Accessory aibLevel 81 3
Armored warsteed Mount bbaLevel 110 5
Bastard sword Weapon afhLevel 57 1
Battle charger Mount aafLevel 5 2
Behemoth boots Boots Level 117 1
Black warg Mount aiaLevel 80 2
Broomstick Mount aabLevel 1 3
Bone sigil Accessory aabLevel 1 1
Brutal amethyst Gem aabLevel 1 1
Buff Daily buff aabLevel 1 1
Chitinous sigil Accessory acbLevel 21 2
Coffincracker combat pointers Hand armor aihLevel 87 1
Coffincracker droid Servant aibLevel 81 2
Colt "Nightstalker" Weapon aghLevel 67 2
Composite sigil Accessory adbLevel 31 2
Crimson decapitator Weapon afaLevel 50 2
Crimson panzer Chest armor adjLevel 39 1
Deadly amethyst Gem aabLevel 1 1
Deathwyrm vanquisher Mount bcaLevel 120 5
Desert falcon Weapon abfLevel 15 2
Diablerie Vampiric power aabLevel 1 1–5
FN V90 "Buffy" Weapon aciLevel 28 2
Frostknight wargear Set bonus ajfLevel 95 2
German assault rifle Weapon adhLevel 37 3
Glyph of the titans Glyph aabLevel 1 2
Holy gun "Purgatory" Weapon adgLevel 36 2
Ice lance Weapon ajjLevel 99 4
Ice sigil Accessory ajbLevel 91 2
Joker card Accessory aabLevel 1 1
Katana in shirasaja Weapon aefLevel 45 2
Kriss ultra v Weapon accLevel 22 1
Leviathan's belt Belt abfLevel 115 2
Leviathan's tomb Coffin bcaLevel 120 3
Muramasa Weapon aeiLevel 48 3
Nagareboshi Weapon aghLevel 67 2
No mercy Set bonus ahgLevel 76 2
Obsidian sigil Accessory agbLevel 61 2
Plasma sigil Accessory ahbLevel 71 2
Queen of hearts Accessory aabLevel 1 1
Racegun Weapon adcLevel 32 1
Radioactive sigil Accessory aebLevel 41 2
Scale sigil Accessory babLevel 101 3
Sniper rifle "Nightstalker" Weapon aejLevel 49 1
Sniper rifle "Silent assassin" Weapon afhLevel 57 1
Stake rifle Weapon ahgLevel 76 3
Steyr AUG "Arnold" Weapon aghLevel 19 2
Tanto Weapon abcLevel 12 1
Trenchclub Weapon aghLevel 35 2
Truesilver sigil Accessory afbLevel 51 2
Tyrant axe Weapon ahgLevel 76 2
Vanquisher weapon Weapon ajaLevel 90 3
Wakizashi Weapon acgLevel 26 2
Warlock (servant) Servant aabLevel 1 1
Wooden sigil Accessory abbLevel 11 2
Worldender Weapon ajaLevel 90 2



Among the creatures that may gain the bloodbane proc in battle are:

Limited-availability creatures

Among the limited-availablity creatures from special event and portal locations that may gain the bloodbane proc in battle are:

Epic bosses

Among the epic bosses that may gain the bloodbane proc are:

Coven bosses

The bloodbane proc can be gained by any coven boss during any battle.


  • 1 June 2010: The bloodbane proc was included in the first release of Chronicles of Blood.

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