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Blood sapphire
Baits-Blood sapphire.jpg
Bound bait and currency



Blood sapphires are a bound currency/bait that can not be transferred between players.

Blood sapphires are the primary currency for purchasing many items from Coraline and Ivan the battlemaster]].

Both blood rubies and blood diamonds can be transformed into blood sapphires.

Transmutators-Blood diamond to blood sapphire.jpg

Transmutation and transmutators

Transmutation is the process of turning one item into another, with no way to reverse the process.

Diamond transmutator

The diamond transmutator transforms one blood diamond into one blood sapphire for players on all platforms.

Transmutators-Blood ruby to blood sapphire.jpg

Ruby transmutator

The ruby transmutator functions slightly differently depending on your playing platform.

FB and FB connect transmutators

Deep inside Club noir, the ruby transmutator will transmute 5 blood rubies into 1 blood sapphire for you when you are play the Facebook Chronicles of Blood or FB connect Chronicles of Blood.

Kongregate transmutator

For those playing Chronicles of Blood on the Kongregate platform, the ruby transmutator will transmute 10 blood rubies into 1 blood sapphire.


  • 12 April 2012: The blood sapphire was added to Chronicles of Blood as a bound bait/currency item.

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