Blood fever

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Blood fever
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Damage over time



The blood fever proc deals periodic toxic damage against an opponent over the course of a battle.


Blood fever at: Damage Time period
Level 1 3–5 per round
Level 2 6–10 per round
Level 3 9–15 per round
Level 4 12–20 per round
Level 5 15–25 per round

Related procs and feats

The reptilian charge proc associated with the battle raptor mount from the Dark Forest is similar to the blood fever proc.

The poisonous glands proc and the acid rain environmental proc also both deal toxic DoT.

The blood plague feat of the venomtongue vampiric power is an enhanced version of the blood fever proc.

Equipment and usage info

Equipment index

You may gain the blood fever proc in battle when you have one or more of the following items in your setup:

Item Type Level req'd Blood fever level
Axes of tainted blood Weapon bbaLevel 110 5
Bilespitter Weapon acgLevel 26 1
Blowpipe Weapon 105Level baf 4
Boomerang Weapon babLevel 101 6
Chemical warfare gloves Hand armor aedLevel 43 1
Cobra bow Weapon bafLevel 105 4
Cobra hood Head armor ahaLevel 70 2
Cobra staff Weapon ahaLevel 70 5
Fang dagger Weapon ahiLevel 78 4
Genesis pillar Weapon ajaLevel 90 4
Glyph of the plague Glyph aabLevel 1 1–3
Gorgon's kiss Weapon acjLevel 29 2
Heartseeker Weapon abbLevel 11 1
Gorgon's kiss Weapon acjLevel 29 2
Plague flail Weapon acfLevel 25 1
Plagueheart robes Chest armor aehLevel 47 1
Poison vial Accessory aciLevel 28 1
Poisonous scorn Inscription for chest armor aabLevel 1 2
Prototype injector rifle Weapon aehLevel 47 3
Roy's razors Weapon adiLevel 38 2
Scale coffin Coffin adbLevel 31 2
Scale helmet Head armor baeLevel 104 4
Slicer of the cow king Weapon ajeLevel 94 4
Soul poisoner Accessory aabLevel 1 2
Spiderblade Weapon baeLevel 106 6
Tentacle cloak Chest armor acjLevel 29 2
Toxin injector Weapon acfLevel 25 1
Venom dagger Weapon bbaLevel 110 5
Venomtongue Vampiric power acbLevel 21 1–5
Voodoo tunic Chest armor bahLevel 107 5

Increasing the chance to gain blood fever

If you have the following items in your setup you have an increased chance of gaining the blood fever proc in battle:

Item Type Level req'd Increases chance by
Embrace of the spider Accessory aabLevel 1 3%
Giant rat servant Servant aabLevel 21 3%
Kiss of the spider Accessory aabLevel 1 3%



Among the creatures that occasionally have access to the blood fever proc are:

Limited-availability creatures

The creatures from special event and portal locations that may gain the blood fever proc in battle are:

Epic bosses

Among the bosses that may gain the blood fever proc during battle are:

Coven bosses

The blood fever proc can be gained by any coven boss during any battle.


  • 1 June 2010: The blood fever proc was included in the first release of Chronicles of Blood.

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