Blood diamond

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Blood diamond
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Tradeable bait


I condemn you to living death.
To eternal hunger for living blood.

— Dracula


Blood diamonds are used to store the blood of ancient vampires and creatures of the underworld. Supernatural creatures and humans are both attracted to their potency and cannot resist the pulsating waves the blood diamonds emit. This makes blood diamonds a powerful bait.

Your vampire can also use blood diamonds to improve its health and to make itself temporarily stronger.

Blood diamonds can also be used as a type of currency, to trade with other players.


Among the benefits available when using blood diamonds as bait:

  • The highest attraction rate in the game, and no failure to attract messages;
  • A slight chance to encounter legendary creatures;
  • Fighting creatures costs 2 fewer bloodlust than it would otherwise;
  • Chances to make a critical hit on an opponent are increased by 5%;
  • Blood diamonds are the most effective bloodshield available.


Some trades with other players can be completed using blood diamonds.

Transmutators-Blood diamond to blood sapphire.jpg


Blood diamonds can be transmuted into blood sapphires, using the diamond transmutator that is found with Coraline, the Club noir merchant.

One blood diamond can be turned into one blood sapphire.


Blood sapphires have the same stats as blood diamonds, except that blood sapphires do not have the 5% crit gain.

Blood sapphires can be used to purchase certain pieces of equipment from Coraline, the Battlemaster, and other merchants, including the Club noir jeweller.

Blood sapphires can not be traded with other players.

There is no reverse transmutation available. Once your blood diamond has been transmutated into a blood sapphire, it stays a blood sapphire.


  • 1 June 2010: Blood diamonds were included in the initial release of Chronicles of Blood.
  • 12 April 2012: Blood diamonds remain tradeable with other players, but can no longer be used to purchase items from Coraline, the Battlemaster, or other merchants.

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