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The blood altar is the sub-location of the Secret laboratory. The blood altar is where the magic lives.


You must be at least level 125 and have crafted the Seal of the justicar magical item in the Secret laboratory to be able to travel to the blood altar.

Environmental proc

Procs-Cloak of darkness.jpg     Cloak of darkness is the environmental proc for the blood altar. Cloak of darkness deals periodic shadow damage against one of the opponents in a battle in the blood altar.
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The creatures you will battle in Blood altar are:


Creature Type Strength Health Rarity Damage type Loot
Blood demon     Blood demon
Demonic Level 122 4,150 Common Physical
Blood mage     Blood mage
Corrupted Level 125 5,500 Rare Mystic
Sister of pain     Sister of pain
Demonic Level 128 7,500 Rare Shadow
Paragon of blood     Paragon of blood
Demonic Level 129 8,000 Epic Shadow
Toxic terror     Toxic terror
Xeno Level 130 9,000 Legendary Toxic

Epic bosses

There are three epic bosses that you can battle in the Blood altar, summoned by the Level Q keycard:

Epic boss Type Strength Health Damage type Loot
Professor Pirkman     Professor Pirkman
Corrupted Level 130 Ballistic

Master necromancer     Master necromancer
Undead Level 130 Shadow

Plague harbinger     Plague harbinger
Abominable Level 130 Toxic

Coven bosses

The coven bosses you will battle in the Blood altar are:

Epic boss Strength Health Loot
Coven bosses-Sanguine chaosmage.jpg  Sanguine chaosmage Legendary 3,500,000
Coven bosses-Sanguine shapeshifter.jpg  Sanguine shapeshifter
Coven bosses-Sanguine morphling.jpg  Sanguine morphling

Club noir

Club noir gives you access to all of the people and places that can help while you are in the blood altar:

Merchants-Cyberlabs logistics officer alone.png Trainers-Blood priest alone.png Coraline.JPG Battlemaster-Ivan the warmonger 150px.jpg Merchants-Jeweller alone.png Merchants-Thaumaturg alone.png

Cyberlabs logistics officer

The Cyberlabs logistics officer is the local merchant in the blood altar. Reach him by selecting Club noir Blue arrow right.png Merchant from the home screen.

The Cyberlabs logistics officer can help you craft or purchase esoteric items described on his page.

For crafting projects, you must always bring the appropriate crafting materials along before approaching the merchant.

Item Name Item Type Level required Stats required Damage Type
Spellbinder bow Missile weapon Level 130 - Mystic
Shadowmancer bow Missile weapon Level 130 - Shadow
Galactic gun "Gigantes-class" Missile weapon Level 130 - Ballistic
Hyperion glaive Polearm weapon Level 130 - Physical
Polaris spear Polearm weapon Level 130 - Ice
Stardragon swordstaff Polearm weapon Level 130 - Psychic
Soulstealer scythe Polearm weapon Level 130 - Shadow
Coffin of the stardragon Coffin Level 121 - Mystic
Spellcaster armor Chest Level 123 Constitution 53 Mystic
Astral shield Accessory Level 125 - Mystic
Spellcaster gaze Head Level 129 Control 86 Mystic
Spellcaster gauntlets Hands Level 130 Rage 122 Mystic
Coffin of eternal night Coffin Level 121 - Shadow
Dark nebula armor Chest Level 123 Control 53 Shadow
Doomsday clock Accessory Level 125 - Shadow
Quasar helmet Head Level 129 Control 86 Shadow
Gauntlets of eternity Hands Level 130 Rage 122 Shadow
Paladin helmet Head Level 121 - Holy
Zeus thundergloves Hands Level 130 - Electric
Ice wolf Mount - - Ice
Harbinger drake Mount - - Shadow
Seal of the justicar Magical item Level 125 - -

Blood priest

The blood priest has servants for you to dominate and quests for you to undertake (and rewards for your success). Reach he by selecting Club noir Blue arrow right.png Trainer from the home screen.


Learn new skills and grow in power by completing these quests. These quests are all repeatable. See the blood priest for additional details.

Name Requirements Rewards
Quests-Blood heresy.jpg Blood Heresy Defeat 30 Sanguine chaosmages
Quests-Suck me dry.jpg Suck Me Dry Deathblow 100 Gargantua leeches
Quests-Blood baron.jpg Blood Baron Defeat 20 Paragon of bloods
Quests-Pain suppression.jpg Pain Suppression Defeat 20 Sister of pains
Quests-Pirkmans legacy.jpg Pirkman's Legacy Defeat 7 Toxic terrors
Quests-Wannabe dragon.jpg Wannabe Dragon Deathblow 7 Komodo dragons

The blood priest will also help you create the following ever-lasting servant, once you bringher the appropriate number of words of command:

Servant Name Damage Type Words of Command
Servants-Infected civilian.jpg   Infected civilians Toxic 30
Servants-Lycan darkmaster.jpg   Lycan darkmaster Shadow 25
Servants-Plagueling.jpg   Plagueling Toxic 30
Servants-Skeleton champion.jpg   Skeleton champion Shadow 30


Coraline is the house merchant in Club noir. Reach her by selecting Club noir Blue arrow right.png Coraline from the home screen.

Coraline can sell you blood pearls, joker scrolls, upgrades, ghost ink, travel tokens for some portals, or certain glyphs if you want.

Coraline also offers a variety of services, including the transmutation of blood rubies or blood diamonds into blood sapphires, bloodlust refills, and stat or avatar changes.

Battlemaster's store

Ivan the battlemaster is the trainer and merchant for those specializing in PvP play. You can always get access to the Battlemaster's store and its wares. (Club noir Blue arrow right.png Battlemaster's store).


The jeweler in Club noir can cut your raw amethysts, emeralds, sapphires, and dreadcrystals into specialty gems. You can also purchase pre-cut gems there. (Club noir Blue arrow right.png Jeweler).


The thaumaturge is also in Club noir waiting to create inscriptions or to inscribe a piece of equipment for you.

The thaumaturge can create inscriptions for you before you are ready to inscribe a piece of equipment. Once you want to add an inscription to a piece of equipment, always remember to have the item you want inscribed in your setup before you visit the thaumaturge. (Club noir Blue arrow right.png Thaumaturge).


Creatures drop a variety of loot items. Some loot drops are very common; some are very rare.

Common loot

Among the items that are commonly dropped as loot (in the blood altar and elsewhere) are:

Location-specific loot

Loot items that are only dropped at the blood altar (or only at blood altar and one or two other locations) include:


  • 7 May 2014: The blood altar location was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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